Bright and Bold Summer Peace!

Summer is filled with color. Gardens explode with it. Tables are laden with it. Our clothing is often more vibrant. Skies are blue, grass is green, bodies of water are glistening. And we wear sunglasses so the Sun doesn’t hurt our eyes with its strong rays.

Every season brings something different, something special to Peace. Summer stands for outward manifestations. Have a party, throw a protest. Go OUT and change the world. Pay attention to what Summer is saying.

The color shows us the way to make Peace in the Summer!

Sheets in the Wind! Ah, Summer Peace

There are things that belong to each season. I actually love the sharp scent of Winter, captured in a coat that’s been outdoors. I almost feel I can smell the starlight. And i love the scent of starlight.

In the same way I love sun-dried Summer sheets… or anything… all of outside captured in the threads and making your bed ready for summer dreams.

And looking at what is going on in my world, i need playful Summer dreams to give me hope and encouragement. Peace needs us to be as well and as happy as we can be.

If drying your sheets on the line helps you to Peace, then go for it! I often come down on the side of convenience… but… not always.

Koi, Spring, Peace

My friends, who are nature people, keep me connected to what’s happening this season.

This is the day we plant the beans, plant the beans, plant the beans.

And in one person’s life, this is the day we bring the Koi up from winter hibernation. Actually it happened a bit ago, because they’re now happily swimming in their beautiful pond.

If the Koi are in the pond, can dinner on the patio be far behind? No, it cannot.

My friend Emily’s house is an oasis. She loves to dig in the dirt. She loves to feed her birds. And she loves to grill. Oh, and she has a creek for sitting in. Luckily I have some talents she can appreciate, lest you think it’s all one-sided!

The rhythm of the Seasons offer Peace. We have to build toward Peace any way we can.

This Is Not Climate Peace

It’s hard not to be delighted when February brings beautiful weather. Unless, of course, you consider that this is still Winter. Or even if you’re Northern European Pagan, it’s only the very beginning of Early Spring. Which means some warming, but 60 degrees? No. Especially a week of it.

Extreme weather events are signs of climate change. We had yet another Winter without Winter.

I’m trying to figure out whether I should take the Winter tires off my car or wait until after I drive through the mountains in March. Because, it’s not unheard of to have big snows in March. And even with climate change, that will always be a discussion.

So by all means, enjoy the day. I’m going out for a walk now. But remember, it is not a sign of hope. If you don’t like living where there is winter: Central PA is not a great choice.

Peace is a very complicated and multilayered thing.


Don’t Rush Reflective Peace

Winter, as a season, has many purposes, but rest and reflection are among them.

I’m never done with sleeping in, but it seems that we can all do with as much reflection as we can cram in. Lots of breathing in and out. There’s so much we need to calm down about … and there’s gong to be so much more.

Why calm down? Because it’s a long journey. and we have to act with purpose and not in reaction.

So I’m staying with Winter, and carefully considering what seeds I can plant and actually nurture in the time ahead. I can’t do everything, neither can you. Let’s focus on doing what we can and sowing the seeds of Peace we can nurture.

Staying with Winter, giving Peace a chance.

The Peace of a Little of This in a Lot of That

There is always in the season that is coming a bit of the season that is leaving. And when we’re deep in the season that is, there will be whispers of the season on the rise.

lt’s the beauty of our world. And it’s the bane of human existence, which likes this or that, rather than this and that… but here we are. And Autumn still lingers, just a bit, lending its blessing to the days ahead. We’ll take that blessing and be grateful. Even as we anticipate an entirely other kind of beauty.

Peace, it’s always changing; always complex. Just like the seasons… Aren’t they all incredibly beautiful? Peace be with you, my friends.


Winter’s Peace of What Is

Look at those critters. One day they’re munching on grass; the next they’re hanging in the barn. Oh, they say, sleeting. I’ll stay inside and eat. Oh, they say, Look, there’s grass, I’ll eat that tasty treat.

Humans spend so much time railing against what is. That’s not what I wanted, we cry. Hello, weather! Hello, season. Hello, Life!

This is what we have. Dress appropriately. Eat winter foods. Move about getting on with life.

We can’t make Peace if we’re worrying about being in control of the uncontrollable. We make Peace with our attitudes and acceptances. Oh, this is who you are! Well, Peace. Some of it is that simple. When it’s not simple we have more work to do. Peace. Now.


Winter’s Wiles, Winter’s Peace

Every season, I think, well, this one’s the favorite. And I know, I always have trouble letting go of the outdoor swimming — but that’s not because the turning of the leaves doesn’t seduce my heart to gladness.

And you’d think, looking at these grey chilly days that I’d be whiny about the mix… but hey! Baby, it’s cold outside! and it’s Winter. And it’s beautiful.

If we’re complaining, we can’t see Winter’s Beauty. And then we miss Winter’s Peace. Why would we choose this? Why would we not admire? Why would we not Peace? Because Winter? Will be here either way. Let’s work with the Peace we have.



Short Winter Days, Long Winter Nights, Peace

Wherever you live, however much Sunlight falls or doesn’t on your days, it’s always the right day to make it a day of Peace.

Night is so beautiful. Day is so beautiful. Winter is so beautiful. So are Spring, Summer and Fall. Peace adds its own incredible Beauty.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth bring the days and nights and seasons. We bring the Peace. They’re doing their job. Are we? Now more than ever, we must Peace.



Pumpkin Berry Peace

I like learning something that I always thought was true is really something else altogether.

Well, okay, I admit it’s less fun when I realize my truths were just stereotypes, but I’m working on rooting them out.

But like finding out that a pumpkin is a fruit, closely related to a berry. It doesn’t have much impact in my life, but I think it’s delightful and weird.

And it’s a great reminder that life is not always what I think. And Peace is much larger and has room for so much we don’t know… Peace of the Pumpkin Berry to you, My friends. It certainly seems to be in season!