Sacred Village: the understanding — We live better when our lives, relationships, families and work are grounded in Peaceful Connections and Communities. So we’re beginning to develop this site so that it will serve people wanting to do visionary and transformative work in their communities. It’s time to make a difference. We’re just the people to do this work, so let’s get to it! Sacred Village will emerge over time. How it grows depends on your input.

Sacred Village: the website — an encouragement, a goad, inspiration, connection, a resource, a destination, a sanctuary for people ready to, or already, making a difference in their lives, their relationships, their work their community and their world. We’ll share small pieces of wisdom and introduce new areas for exploration. Giving Peace another chance.

Sacred Village: the blogs — stories of community involvement changing the world in ways large and small. Tell us how you’re moving your community toward Peace. There are New people blogging. Check out Questor, he’s often got something pithy and poignant to say. Meet Maia who’s going to talk truths about families and kids and life.

Sacred Village: the projects — projects started by members of the Sacred Village that are looking to explore, understand or ameliorate the communities we live in. Coming soon, just around the corner at the local tap room, get some advice from your favorites: The Bartender and the Priestess… We’ve got things to say!

Sacred Village: the Social Media — did you think we wouldn’t show up where you are? You’ll find notifications of events and comments and encouragements. Check out the feed at the bottom of the page!

The pieces of Sacred Village below are still in the planning stages. Keep watching — and in the meantime, keep using your powers for good!

Sacred Village: the forum — share ideas and dreams, hear stories, celebrate successes, find inspiration and new models for working together to bring about Peace and Community.

Sacred Village: the links — what good people are out there doing what good work?

Sacred Village: the map — where in the world small groups of like-minded, like-hearted and like-souled people are creating Peace and Community.