River Prayers

In my life as a small town minister and as priestess to the Sacred Village, I notice that people need a place to call out their hopes, their happiness, their gratitude and their sorrows and, then, they need a way to ask their communities to pray for and with them. I find I need a place to speak my Hope, Sorrow and Gratitude about world events as well. Prayer centers me for the work I have to do. In some very real ways, Prayer is the work I have to do.

River Prayers runs through the heart of the Sacred Village. (Eventually there will be prayers in the Sacred Village shop for specific occurrences in your life, but not yet!) Right now, it’s about providing a welcoming place for your need to speak your truths out loud and to hear a community of friends and strangers comment in support.

Why River Prayers? Prayers flow through our souls like rivers. Let those prayers run through us to the Great Abundant Sea.

There are some rules in the Sacred Village for River Prayers. You must be Kind. If someone’s prayer isn’t one that touches your heart, let it go by with the softest caress. You must be Aware. My community is international and interfaith. If that bothers you, this isn’t the place for you. You must be Peaceful. Lift up solutions. Lift up your confusion and sorrow — hatred has no place here. However you pray, my Sister, my Brother, I pray with you.

Welcome! I have created place of Peace and Love for you to speak your prayers aloud, to allow them to flow out into the world. Follow the Facebook Page, and start praying — whatever that means to you! It’s what we’re meant to do.

Live with Gratitude, Passion and Intention!