Praying the Spiral

Here at long last is a simple tool to help you live your life

  • intentionally and prayerfully
  • observing the seasonal changes
  • in accordance with Earth’s rhythms
  • bringing your dreams from concept into idea

This short, but powerful workbook reminds us that life is cyclical and that each part of the cycle has wonderful gifts to give us. If we set an intention to bring our dream into the world and begin at the beginning, we can manifest what is most important to us. Living prayerfully, we can experience our lives to the fullest.

Explanations! Exercises! Questionnaires! Musings!
Stories, Inspirations! Invocations! Support!

All you need to bring your dreams to life — and your life to the next level on the Spiral. Start where you are. The journey will just keep getting richer.

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Peacemaker’s Tarot

Peacemaker’s Tarot: A Primer for Changing the World – You First!

I believe that the highest use of one’s skills is to become a peacemaker. If we do the work we are called to and do it to the best of our ability, then we are making a place for everyone to be the best of who and what we are. That is a first step towards Peace. When we begin to dream of a better world, that’s about Peace. In this book I look at the tarot through the lens of my commitment to Peace.

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Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas and One Epiphany

Why have a Blue Christmas when you can make each day of Christmas a day of delight?Celebrating

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