Village Wisdom Keepers!

This group is drawn together by a belief that we can make a difference in the world in which we live. Some of us have been working on Sacred Village for over 20 years. Finally, finally, we’re getting it together! We participate in this project, and in the many communities in which we live, in many ways. We do so believing the world can be a better place and we’re just the people to help that change along… Um… so are you! … Doesn’t your name belong here?

The Priestess: Ann Keeler Evans, M.Div. — author, minister, visionary/healer/activist, and ritual maker — helps people find their passions and put them to work healing the world. Teaching big dreams and small concrete steps, Ann has worked worldwide; her own healing work is done in her small Central Pennsylvania community, where she serves the small, thoughtful Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley and just generally figures out how to make a difference. A highly sought after motivational speaker, Ann’s a regular commentator on local radio and writes a column for her local paper. But uncertain times demand more healers and peacemakers. Invoking the ancient tradition of Wise Women as change agents, Ann’s using today’s technology to convene Councils of Elders, a new training program you can read about on the Projects Page. Passion. Problems. Vision. Community. Transformation. Here we are — kickin’ it for Peace!

The Town Crier: Terri PetersonBlogger, Amazing Cook, Student of both Leadership and Life. You walk into a room and you know you want to know her, because she’s laughing and gorgeous and smiling and generally having a good time. And in between she’s helping people see the world just a little bit differently. Can’t quite find the words? Worry that the structure of your written piece is not quite what you wanted? She’ll fit you in when she’s not helping the world live just a bit more graciously. And if that’s not bringing Peace, I don’t know what is. 10:00 and all is Just fine thank you, how are you? No, really, How are you?

Champion, Designer: Jen O’Neil Curley — Mom of four, Fibular Hemimelia Expert, Domestic Diva, Designer. Four kids, OK? Her life is already pretty busy. And she takes her job seriously: she knows she’s raising the next generation of kind and thoughtful people. Nicky, Charlotte, Christoff and Bess, good kids. But Jen also finds the time to the time to speak out about making lives better. Whether it’s helping families dealing with medical conundrums or standing for Peace against Injustice. Whether you have two bones in your calf or just one. Jen shows up. In a good mood. With great food.

Tinkerer and Reinforcement of the Village (Web) Ramparts: Anthony Templer — Strategist, Connector, Implementer of Solutions. Anthony loves to work behind the scenes to make what’s visible sparkle. And work. Was there really anything else you needed? There’s something he needs to do to make a page function just a little bit better. Find him when you can. Always there when you need him.

The Sacred Fool and Farseer: Ed Mickens — Observer, Ponderer, Articulator, Itinerant Dreamer, Co-conspirator. Ed has been speaking Truth to Power for a long time. Delighting many of us, irritating others. But Hey! that’s the work of Truth! These days, Ed can be found (if, indeed, he can be found) on the road, asking interesting questions and receiving interesting answers. What he tells us and how he chooses to do so is always up for grabs. But you will be fascinated. And surprised.

Oasis of Calm and Mischief: Maia — Maia grew up warm, sensible and funny in the Midwest. She’s a happy partner, mom and child therapist who can be counted on to see calm ways out of issues and laughing ways into mischief. She likes growing food, pulling weeds, and sitting under trees watching what the world is getting up to. Occasionally, she can be coaxed to share what she sees…