The Peace of a Little of This in a Lot of That

There is always in the season that is coming a bit of the season that is leaving. And when we’re deep in the season that is, there will be whispers of the season on the rise.

lt’s the beauty of our world. And it’s the bane of human existence, which likes this or that, rather than this and that… but here we are. And Autumn still lingers, just a bit, lending its blessing to the days ahead. We’ll take that blessing and be grateful. Even as we anticipate an entirely other kind of beauty.

Peace, it’s always changing; always complex. Just like the seasons… Aren’t they all incredibly beautiful? Peace be with you, my friends.


Short Winter Days, Long Winter Nights, Peace

Wherever you live, however much Sunlight falls or doesn’t on your days, it’s always the right day to make it a day of Peace.

Night is so beautiful. Day is so beautiful. Winter is so beautiful. So are Spring, Summer and Fall. Peace adds its own incredible Beauty.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth bring the days and nights and seasons. We bring the Peace. They’re doing their job. Are we? Now more than ever, we must Peace.



Reminders of Past and Harbingers of Present/Future Peace

Early this Spring the trees budded and we rejoiced. And then they leafed and we were so pleased with all the new green rustling. In the summer, they offered us shade… we enjoyed the shade right through the warm fall… and then were amazed as they oh-so-slowly this year transformed into their Fall Beauty.

At last, the trees let go to settle down to sleep. These leaves drifted onto the river and are off to become sediment and mulch for the land downstream.

Beauty fades and becomes new Beauty. The Beauty of the tree branches, the Beauty of enriching soil. This is the way of the Earth. Let us build Peace on such beauty. Let us build Peace.


The Beauty and Peace of an Autumn Morning

It’s one of those days. Today is the reason we all love Fall — even those of you who hate Fall. We’ve had enough sleep and it’s a clear, beautiful, crisp morning. What’s not to enjoy? and Wow, you look great in that sweater!

The sun is playing a starring role this morning, reflecting off every shiny surface. That’s not always going to be the case for the next few months, so enjoy it!

Breathe in the Peace. Breathe it out. Store up the memories. Make space for more. Peace looks different every day — that’s asounding!


The Quiet Fall Fogs of Peace

When the land and the water are still warm and the nights begin to get cooler, mornings are often drenched in fog.

Fog is such a quiet, beautiful gift. It muffles the world and reminds us of the importance of Silence.

Also in a deep fog, it’s a good idea not to blunder around aimlessly. It’s hard to know where you’re going. So sit still and wait for the fog to pass.

Enjoy the Silence. Enjoy the Beauty. Enjoy the Peace. Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Peace in the Soup Pot

The weather was doing its fall best for a while, and then boom, it’s back to summer weather, or will be if the cloud cover disappears. Just for a few days, enough to confuse us!

But our taste buds were happy to change directions. mmmm winter soups! Squashes, fruits, onions, cheeses. Okay, I made the cheese thing up, but I like cheese in my soups! Maybe not this one, but some soups! Nothing could be finer.

One way or the other though, I tastebuds accept the Peace offering. Soup is good food!

The sweetest of Autumn to you, my friends, and I wish you the Peace of the soup pot!


Pumpkin Peace

It was brisk this morning. It’s still in the 30s at 9:00. There’s the first. There have been reports of frost. It’s October. Fall has fallen.

And it’s stunningly beautiful! The days are so clear. Walk across the bridge and the water sparkles.

Oh, it’s a busy time of year. But beautiful. And I find it fascinating how different the Peace I find in the days and the rhythm from the Peace I found only a couple short weeks ago.

The tomatoes, alas are gone, but the farm stands are filled with pumpkins and squashes. The bounty changes but continues to stun and delight. Cider, gingersnaps and pumpkin pies are all in. Change that palate to the weather appropriate food! Feast your eyes on the trees.

Figure out which sweater is the right sweater and what you wear under it and over it. Snuggle into the warmth.

The Earth offers endless opportunities to invite people in to Peace. We can capitalize on all of them. Peace of the Pumpkin to you, my friends.


Peace Is Where We Are

Trish took a wonderful picture that screams end of Summer. The Sunset is a Fall beauty. The family in the boat is a family sneaking in one last, lovely memory of Summer 2016.

Time to take the Summer toys home and put them away. Now it’s cool and rainy — and oh, do we need the rain. We’ve gotten more than an inch in the last two days and two more days of rain planned.  I just had a cozy beginning to a Saturday morning — cuddled up to finish a new mystery. A perfect slow rainy beginning to a busy weekend.

Time to pull out the fall/winter clothes. Time to clear out everything that’s left over from the summer, finish up that last writing and begin the new. My beloved guests are home in their lives, I’ve started cold weather swimming, time to order the velour and get ready for cozy, busy Fall.

Peace may look a little different this month than it did last, but Peace is right here, waiting for us to discover it, to pursue it, to promote it, to make it. Peace of a rainy Autumn morning to you my friends.

And enjoy this last memory of a lovely Summer.


Prepping the Pantry for Fall Peace

Just like that the weather changed. Oh, the warmth will be back, but it will be temporary. The Equinox is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter, we’ve had a drought, so the leaves are already thinking about leaving. Fall is headed our way.

That means the food is changing. Those luscious summer fruits and vegetables will be giving way to those luscious fall fruits and vegetables. But they demand a different kind of accompaniment… Time to stock up and get that pantry ready.

And time for us to think differently about Peace as well. When the sun shines and everyone’s out playing, it’s easy to be vaguely friendly. We have things to do, pools to swim in! But now, as the weather changes, we’ll be inside more. Time to stock our Peace Pantry as well as our food Pantry.

How are we going to cook up Peace this fall? What are the needed ingredients? Let’s think about this, shall we? Peace, it’s what’s good for us! And if we do our work, it could be what’s for dinner every night of the week.