Pumpkin Berry Peace

I like learning something that I always thought was true is really something else altogether.

Well, okay, I admit it’s less fun when I realize my truths were just stereotypes, but I’m working on rooting them out.

But like finding out that a pumpkin is a fruit, closely related to a berry. It doesn’t have much impact in my life, but I think it’s delightful and weird.

And it’s a great reminder that life is not always what I think. And Peace is much larger and has room for so much we don’t know… Peace of the Pumpkin Berry to you, My friends. It certainly seems to be in season!


Pumpkin Peace

It was brisk this morning. It’s still in the 30s at 9:00. There’s the first. There have been reports of frost. It’s October. Fall has fallen.

And it’s stunningly beautiful! The days are so clear. Walk across the bridge and the water sparkles.

Oh, it’s a busy time of year. But beautiful. And I find it fascinating how different the Peace I find in the days and the rhythm from the Peace I found only a couple short weeks ago.

The tomatoes, alas are gone, but the farm stands are filled with pumpkins and squashes. The bounty changes but continues to stun and delight. Cider, gingersnaps and pumpkin pies are all in. Change that palate to the weather appropriate food! Feast your eyes on the trees.

Figure out which sweater is the right sweater and what you wear under it and over it. Snuggle into the warmth.

The Earth offers endless opportunities to invite people in to Peace. We can capitalize on all of them. Peace of the Pumpkin to you, my friends.