Pumpkin Berry Peace

I like learning something that I always thought was true is really something else altogether.

Well, okay, I admit it’s less fun when I realize my truths were just stereotypes, but I’m working on rooting them out.

But like finding out that a pumpkin is a fruit, closely related to a berry. It doesn’t have much impact in my life, but I think it’s delightful and weird.

And it’s a great reminder that life is not always what I think. And Peace is much larger and has room for so much we don’t know… Peace of the Pumpkin Berry to you, My friends. It certainly seems to be in season!


The Surprise of Peace

The world is plenty beautiful enough. But there is nothing wrong that I can see with occasionally gilding the lily.

Chihouly doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body. oh, I like that about him. Although actually, these beautiful tubes of glass are fairly ethereal… They float above this field of ferns and make you happy.

Beauty is great for happiness. Beauty and Happiness are both great for Peace. Celebrate!


Front Row Seats on Life and Peace

The show of Life changes. Every day. When I wrote this poem I didn’t expect the second picture. But Deb thought to go back and take it. So, first the surprise, then the musing.

DebWeek15aToday’s my Sabbath, my sit back, review, and enjoy day. Today’s sky is bright and beautiful. I checked these forsythia yesterday afternoon as I was coming home, and the snow had melted and they were all perky again. Life has her own ways. We either get on board, or we miss the show.

Every day it’s a different Sunrise. Every day life is beautiful. Some days are black and white. Some days are filled with color. It’s on us to find the beauty in both. Pictures: worth a thousand words. So maybe i should stop and just say… Peace, my friends. Peace. Let’s make it. (Surprise!!!)