Weathering Peace

It’s so hard not to rejoice when the temperatures climb. Who doesn’t want fabulous weather? But the weather is wrong for the season. We’re not meant to have 80+˚ weather in April.

The pollens this year are so high. We didn’t really have enough freezing weather.

The climate is changing and the planet… and more particularly, the creatures who live on this planet, humans included will find life more difficult.

And the political climate is eroding as well. Human decency is revealing itself to be made of mighty flimsy stuff.

Peace is dependent upon our doing the right things. What is important to us? how do we make that real in the world? How do we Peace and get others Peacing right along with us.

Cool Spring Weather, Great Books of Peace

The past couple days have been cold and rainy. Today, because April, like her sister March is capricious, is going to be sunny and warm.

I, of course, had just written about the grey and damp.

So, some may want to pull the leaves off their plants today. Others may find it not quite that warm and choose to stay in and read.

And some wild souls may make time for both!

If you read, read at least a little that makes you expand what you know about Peace. Cool April days (and nights) are good for that. And don’t worry. It will be cold and damp and grey again if you just do the leaves today!

Making Peace with the March Lion

It wasn’t clear yesterday what we would get, who March would be as it started, lion or lamb. Today, it’s very clear. It’s a warm and very blustery, rainy day. We’ve been promised (oh joy!) electricity and wifi outages. And through the day the temperatures will plummet.

Ah, well, you get what you get.

And you make Peace with that. It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Wishing you an interesting and capricious March and lovely Peace(s) to make.

Front Row Seats on Life and Peace

The show of Life changes. Every day. When I wrote this poem I didn’t expect the second picture. But Deb thought to go back and take it. So, first the surprise, then the musing.

DebWeek15aToday’s my Sabbath, my sit back, review, and enjoy day. Today’s sky is bright and beautiful. I checked these forsythia yesterday afternoon as I was coming home, and the snow had melted and they were all perky again. Life has her own ways. We either get on board, or we miss the show.

Every day it’s a different Sunrise. Every day life is beautiful. Some days are black and white. Some days are filled with color. It’s on us to find the beauty in both. Pictures: worth a thousand words. So maybe i should stop and just say… Peace, my friends. Peace. Let’s make it. (Surprise!!!)


Puddle Dancing for Peace

Here on the East Coast today, we are perhaps needing to roll a snow man or sled down a hill rather than to dance in a puddle… but the message is the same. This is the beauty we have. Dance in it. Enjoy it.

It’s not an inconvenience. It’s what is.

We prepare for what’s ahead, if we can… and deal with what arrives. Wishing it were different takes an awful lot of time — wastes an awful lot of time. And when it comes to weather, we can’t really make it much different — well, we can stop doing things, and demand that corporations stop doing things that contribute to climate change.

But when the weather is here, might as well dance. Rain or shine, we might as well dance for Peace. Every day.