The Quick Fox of April Peace

The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown reeds. (I saw no dog!) It was gorgeous!

Nervous making, because she was alongside the road… but she was in a bog close to the lovely river. And there were ducks and others on the river outside the cafe where i stopped to eat. Nature is feeling confident enough to rub up against us! Hurrah!

April was at her most lovely yesterday. (everything but my allergies were in agreement!)

There are some days when even humans manage to be at Peace with the Earth. Spring offers us so many opportunities to stand together in awe. What if we took them? Look! A Fox!


May April’s Beauty Bring April Peace

We are having glorious weather. Here in the Northeast we grumble our way through the dregs of Winter longing for Spring. (Unless like me you’re a person with pollen allergies!)

April starts and still it is cold and dreary. And still we whine.

And then it changes. It will still be capricious, no doubt, but it will be beautiful.

We need that Beauty in our world right now. We must be that Beauty in the world right now, because right now I worry our country is on the verge of starting wars on many fronts. Our people could be in danger. Other people could be in danger. We must be Peace. We, like April, must bring joy and Beauty… and spread it across the land and the world.

Cool Spring Weather, Great Books of Peace

The past couple days have been cold and rainy. Today, because April, like her sister March is capricious, is going to be sunny and warm.

I, of course, had just written about the grey and damp.

So, some may want to pull the leaves off their plants today. Others may find it not quite that warm and choose to stay in and read.

And some wild souls may make time for both!

If you read, read at least a little that makes you expand what you know about Peace. Cool April days (and nights) are good for that. And don’t worry. It will be cold and damp and grey again if you just do the leaves today!

March Falls; April Peace

Unbelievably it’s the last day of March. How did that happen? It’s been fun spending the month with Carol Parenzan, Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper, and looking at our beautiful water.

I don’t know when she took this picture, but in my mind it was recently, so the spray is frosty. All those cold ions escaping and opening and relaxing our minds…

Here, March is going out like a stormy lion, a spring stormy lion rather than a wintery one, but it’s been very March all month: blowy, cold, damp, occasionally snowy. Sun. No Sun. Changing.

And tonight March storms turn into April showers, right? And March Peace morphs to April Peace. Thanks for March! Here’s to April.

Capricious April Peace

If you’re going to love April, and why wouldn’t you, you’re going to have to put up with her wild mood fluctuations. I think of her as a young month. She’s always trying things out.

The seasons are still bickering — and April’s watching the way her skirts float in the breeze.

Everyone seems to be heartily tired of Winter, poor old dear, but she and Spring are still playing. She’ll sleep soon. I know Spring beguiled us in the month of March with warm weather. Everyone went out and and got their seeds started.

April doesn’t seem to care.

For me, April is a wonderful example of the need to be here now. She is what she is. And she is filled with Beauty. It is, it’s true, a Beauty all her own. But, oh! the Flowers! Let us rejoice in her wild mood swings and make Peace with her particular Beauty.

Might as well. She’s not going anywhere. I, however, am off on the hunt for the fields of grape hyacinth.