The Quick Fox of April Peace

The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown reeds. (I saw no dog!) It was gorgeous!

Nervous making, because she was alongside the road… but she was in a bog close to the lovely river. And there were ducks and others on the river outside the cafe where i stopped to eat. Nature is feeling confident enough to rub up against us! Hurrah!

April was at her most lovely yesterday. (everything but my allergies were in agreement!)

There are some days when even humans manage to be at Peace with the Earth. Spring offers us so many opportunities to stand together in awe. What if we took them? Look! A Fox!


May April’s Beauty Bring April Peace

We are having glorious weather. Here in the Northeast we grumble our way through the dregs of Winter longing for Spring. (Unless like me you’re a person with pollen allergies!)

April starts and still it is cold and dreary. And still we whine.

And then it changes. It will still be capricious, no doubt, but it will be beautiful.

We need that Beauty in our world right now. We must be that Beauty in the world right now, because right now I worry our country is on the verge of starting wars on many fronts. Our people could be in danger. Other people could be in danger. We must be Peace. We, like April, must bring joy and Beauty… and spread it across the land and the world.

Roiling River Peace

When you live beside a river, it goes up and down. My brother- and sister-in-law have had to design their house because the original owners built to close to the river. Most of the time it’s a lovely place to live… and some of the time it’s a carry the furniture upstairs and call the moving van for the heavy bits. In the Spring you watch the water for floods and hope the snow, if you’ve had it won’t melt too fast.

That’s the river.

It’s sort of politics, too, isn’t it.

We have to make the Peace as we can. And we have to prepare ourselves to act. And then we have to act.

The Greening of Peace

Even as we’re fretting about how chilly and damp it is, the sun is moving North. We’re in the midst of a period when the changes in sunlight hours are the greatest. 2:40 minutes a day of gain.

It helps our plants and flowers to understand that now, now, now is the time. And up they come. It seems so dreary, but then, all of a sudden there are flowers poking their heads up out of the sod. Look at me, they flutter… look at how beautiful I am.

Time to wander down the street to photographer Deb Slade’s house and see what sort of Spring beauty is on display.

Keep your eye out for Beauty. When you spy it, let someone know. An invitation to share the experience of Beauty is an invitation to Peace. Let us offer Peace to a world that sorely needs it.

Short Winter Days, Long Winter Nights, Peace

Wherever you live, however much Sunlight falls or doesn’t on your days, it’s always the right day to make it a day of Peace.

Night is so beautiful. Day is so beautiful. Winter is so beautiful. So are Spring, Summer and Fall. Peace adds its own incredible Beauty.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth bring the days and nights and seasons. We bring the Peace. They’re doing their job. Are we? Now more than ever, we must Peace.



Spring Salad Peace

I love salads. A lot. I love them when they are huge infusions of green. Kale salad? bring it on. Tastes like you ate a lawn? Exactly! Hurrah!

And now it’s flowers in the salad time! More goodness… although if you’ve got leftover salad, pick the flowers out, eat them tonight, they don’t overnight well!

After Winter’s Heavier meals, spring salads come with packed with wonder as well as the vitamin C and whatever else they’re filled with.

Each of the Summer months have tastes all their own, but Spring has salad.

And that’s enough food Peace to gladden a heart!


Different Colors of Peace.

Happy Pesach. Peaceful Sabbath. Beautiful Day.

I love those rosy dawns. And I’m forever indebted to Deb because she snaps so many of them — and I often sleep through them. I’m not sure when I became so much less of a morning person, but Deb transforms mornings for me at least on Sundays!

But this beauty gave us a different look at Dawn. The stripes on the River! That redbud tree!

That’s the thing isn’t it? The work of our lives, to keep looking at the same things, differently. To see how they change, to see differently. To see Beauty in something other than what you’d expected.

I believe there is all sorts of Peace lurking around in our lives and communities, we just have to find a way to tease it out. It’s easy enough to unleash the hate. We may have to work harder at Peace, but it is waiting… We are the ones Peace has been waiting for. Each and every one of us!



Slow Sabbath Mornings for Peace

I used to be a person who could be up and out the door in 15 minutes. And that included a shower.

But life has changed. Or I’ve slowly grown into the person I am. Mornings are for writing and for slow approaches to the day.

Even on Sundays, my busiest out of the house work day (or at least that’s the theory, although whew!) I get up early enough so that there’s some staring into space time involved. Thanks to my weekly plans with my friend Emily, I can always count on Sunday evenings ending slowly and peacefully.

This is the day! I need a slow start to appreciate it. Just like the duck. Fly on, my brothers and sisters. I’ll just sit here and appreciate!

Whatever you do with this brilliant Sabbath morning, I hope there is Peace to be enjoyed and shared now and all day long!


More Sunlight for Peace

It is no longer the time of the comforting dark. These are the days of brilliant sunshine. The gardeners are exalting. The dirt, the dirt, the dirt! It’s finally warm enough, dry enough, sunny enough to plant.

I’ll stop there, so I don’t get myself in trouble, since I’m sketchy on the details of planting and don’t understand the thrill.

But life isn’t only about what I like, It’s about what we all like. That’s how the Peace making comes in. And goodness knows we all love succulent vegetables.

And if you’re a garden peep, you don’t have time to be reading this, so get out there, and enjoy it! The Sun is Back. Spring is definitely winning the day. And you and I are all about figuring out how to make Peace with this beautiful day, and Peace in our world.

Hurrah! Enjoy!


Rolling in the Peace

It’s not just the plants that come dancing back to life in the Spring. Most of us do too. (A special shout out to those who feel about Summer the way the rest of the world feels about Winter).

But for those of us whose faces turn eagerly Sunward, there’s something that pulls sheer, giggling exuberance from us.

For me, it’s always great to see the crocus, but It’s the stalwart daffodils and narcissus that make cheery. I fret about whether it’s time to run to Catawissa hill to see the grape hyacinths that my family always visited. And I wait eagerly for the violets to rampage across lawns. C’mon violets. (And Spring, don’t you go getting too warm on us so that the violets can play a while. pleeeeeeeze?)

There’s something about the freshness of the air that thrills. And the changed angle of the Sun. Whatever it is, enjoy whatever great laughing, Springing Peace you’re called to. This intoxicating moment is brief — that’s part of what makes it wonderful.

Spring! Peace! Life! Enjoy them all. Oh — and pay your taxes.