River Health, River Peace

Mussels! in the Susquehanna River. Not only are they a sign of health, they’re a vehicle of health. I’ve learned from our Riverkeeper that they’re the kidneys of the River.

And they are in danger, because the American eel carries them and deposits them, but none of the fish ladders and eel ladders that were promised have been built! And so the mussels don’t get where they need to go. They’re far less able to expand and do their mighty job for our River’s health.

Peace is a multi-layered and complicated thing. We need to be about it!

Roiling River Peace

When you live beside a river, it goes up and down. My brother- and sister-in-law have had to design their house because the original owners built to close to the river. Most of the time it’s a lovely place to live… and some of the time it’s a carry the furniture upstairs and call the moving van for the heavy bits. In the Spring you watch the water for floods and hope the snow, if you’ve had it won’t melt too fast.

That’s the river.

It’s sort of politics, too, isn’t it.

We have to make the Peace as we can. And we have to prepare ourselves to act. And then we have to act.

Down to the River to Peace

Wow. So, I’m having one of those brain too tired to think days. There’s been too much going on in my life. All I have, since thinking about the river and writing this title, was a mental image of all the kids from everywhere, lined up along the bank of the river, exchanging lines in a chant back and forth. Peace, Peace, Peace… (that’s not what I was hearing, when I was envisioning this… but, brain problem, remember?)

After a restorative nap, I may need to go down to the river and let it soothe and restore my soul… and see what words might come to me.

This river is our resource. Let’s use it. Let’s Peace.

Our River Needs Peace

Yesterday there was a gasoline spill on one of the Susquehanna’s beautiful tributaries. The Loyalsock creek is where some of each of my beloved’s ashes have been scattered.

The river cannot absorb the 55,000 gallons that are flowing downstream, fouling our drinking water, soiling our streams.

Today, at 4 pm. I’m going down to the river to pray. I’ll be on the Lewisburg bridge. Please join me. Bring autumn leaves to throw in the river with your silent prayers. Nothing big, nothing political… We’ll stand in sad silence and then go home to figure out what we do next.

Let our blood run at the same speed as our beautiful river. Let our tears fall, and our prayers rain down.

The River gives us Peace so often. Let us offer her our Peace. Let there be Peace on the River. Let us stand in support. Let us make it so.