Down to the River to Peace

Wow. So, I’m having one of those brain too tired to think days. There’s been too much going on in my life. All I have, since thinking about the river and writing this title, was a mental image of all the kids from everywhere, lined up along the bank of the river, exchanging lines in a chant back and forth. Peace, Peace, Peace… (that’s not what I was hearing, when I was envisioning this… but, brain problem, remember?)

After a restorative nap, I may need to go down to the river and let it soothe and restore my soul… and see what words might come to me.

This river is our resource. Let’s use it. Let’s Peace.

Sweet Little Gift of Peace

He was at the church to attend his grandpa’s funeral. He’s a boy bursting with curiosity. He never stopped moving.

You could tell, his parents worry — what will he get into?

Answer: Everything he can.

And he’s not the first child in that place to be hyper-inquisitive.

But he’s sparing with his words. He’s not always a child to get the nuances.

So when his first words were to recognize what we do here… it just made my heart swell.

Thanks, little guy… we work hard to make that so. Yes, it’s an old office building. Yes, we do church here.

There’s Peace in the making of religious community and Peace in being recognized for what we do at a very deep level. We loved his grandpa and we celebrate his life and mourn his loss.

There was Peace in our being together doing that and in using our talents to honor our friend. There was Peace in this little boy’s blessing.