A Slow, Soft Start to a Peaceful Day

I’m pretty much a pop out of bed kinda girl. Let’s get going! Time to Peace.

But some mornings, try as you might, the morning just isn’t going to start like that. “Peace” the morning whispers. “Peace. Slow down. Nothing’s happening until I get around to it.”

And so it is, there we are, yawning, stretching, scratching our skulls and readying ourselves for a different day than we might have planned, a day that begins with an amble rather than a dash. A day to mosey through. Plenty of smiles to meet and greet.

Part of giving Peace a chance is slowing down enough for it to find its footing.


The Soft Peace of Later Early Mornings

In about a month, I’m going to have to steel myself for early morning risings. If I want to continue my journey toward health and strength, I’m going to have to get up early to swim. In the middle of the Winter, that’s going to mean before dawn. I’ll get to ease into it however… the Earth is gentle with us that way… but inexorable!

It’s really rather exciting to map the Sun times and the Moon times and know a bit about where we are in this world. And so lovely to have Deb Slade and Trish Stroble documenting our journey around the Sun. Since Deb often shoots from a similar place we can see how — I was about to say the Sun moves, but it’s really the Earth, isn’t it, as it tilts and spins…

But, whatever the hour, here comes the Sun with the soft and beautiful Sunrise (almost an hour later than its earliest rising around the Summer Solstice). Go have a wonderful day. Peace.


Spread Gentle Peace, Like the Dawn

I’m a little more hopeful today, simply because it is a new day. And because the atrocities of the days before demand that many of us develop some sense of purpose about race, violence, guns.

We must be resourceful. And in our determination we must be Peaceful.

No does not need to be shouted. It simply needs to be inexorable. We shall not be moved.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make a difference.

We shall not be moved from our determination insist on Justice.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make Peace.

We shall not be moved. And may Dawn soften our hearts into Peace and settle them on justice. Blessed Be. Blessed Sabbath.

Black lives do matter. Police lives do matter. What we do with our lives matters as well.



Early Sabbath Morning Peace

Up early this morning, not quite early enough to see the coming of the light… since sunlight was a bit subdued.

But the Sun is rising about as early as it will rise all year. Only four more minutes to add to the day from the morning side… (a few more than that for the evenings).

Quiet golden dawns are an invitation to reflection… Sabbath is an invitation to reflection. I keep wondering about, poking at the notion that I might start Sabbath at sundown Friday along with so many of my friends and enjoy it all the way through Sunday sundown. I would want to live deliberately during that time; to be present and conscious…

Maybe that can be a goal for my time away this summer… slow, peaceful days — with some fun in the sun with my favorite folk tossed in.

It’s early, here, but I have a bit of sermon to polish and tuck into my ipad. Wishing you a lovely day, hot and humid as it is…


Slow Sabbath Mornings for Peace

I used to be a person who could be up and out the door in 15 minutes. And that included a shower.

But life has changed. Or I’ve slowly grown into the person I am. Mornings are for writing and for slow approaches to the day.

Even on Sundays, my busiest out of the house work day (or at least that’s the theory, although whew!) I get up early enough so that there’s some staring into space time involved. Thanks to my weekly plans with my friend Emily, I can always count on Sunday evenings ending slowly and peacefully.

This is the day! I need a slow start to appreciate it. Just like the duck. Fly on, my brothers and sisters. I’ll just sit here and appreciate!

Whatever you do with this brilliant Sabbath morning, I hope there is Peace to be enjoyed and shared now and all day long!


Spring Equinox! Sabbath Peace!

It was a dark and stormy day… never you mind, it’s still the Vernal Equinox! It’s still Spring.It is, as is every day, a sacred gift to be unwrapped and celebrated. Stand still and be amazed!

It’s my Sabbath, day to gather with my community, day of rest and reflection.

While it may not be the day that I do the  most for Peace, it is the day I focus the most on it.

I love this sunrise pic because it’s such an everyday picture. It’s a reminder that every day matters. A new day dawns. What will we do with it? Every day arrives to be filled up with Peace or Sweetness, according to our whims.

We have such freedom here to do that. We’re not waking up in a war zone. We’re not waking up under someone else’s thumb. And yet we’re allowing our world to be filled up with such ugliness. Ugly rhetoric. Ugly actions. So let us make whatever small stands we can.

Every day. Everyday matters. Every day matters. Everyday Peace. Every day, Peace.



Sunrise, Sunset, Sabbath, Peace

I received a video this morning to tell me that the sunrise had been beautiful. As beautiful, it turns out as the sunset last night. And the sunset was gorgeous. (even if driving west during the sunset is a pretty lousy idea.

Ah, this earth. and this beauty.

I’m grateful that this is my Sabbath today. After the tumultuous weekend, it will be so good to gather with those who are my family of faith. Our traditions may be different, but when they’re right for us, there is that sense of coming home. And when the world is so crazy, home is central to our well-being. And so many, so many have lost all they’ve known as home.

I must admit that after the long hours on the road, I’m really looking forward to an afternoon nap as well. zzzzzz.

But enjoy the day. it’s cold but beautiful. Do those things that remind you how good it is to be alive.

Peace be with us all, my friends. Peace.