Peace Is Where We Are

Trish took a wonderful picture that screams end of Summer. The Sunset is a Fall beauty. The family in the boat is a family sneaking in one last, lovely memory of Summer 2016.

Time to take the Summer toys home and put them away. Now it’s cool and rainy — and oh, do we need the rain. We’ve gotten more than an inch in the last two days and two more days of rain planned.  I just had a cozy beginning to a Saturday morning — cuddled up to finish a new mystery. A perfect slow rainy beginning to a busy weekend.

Time to pull out the fall/winter clothes. Time to clear out everything that’s left over from the summer, finish up that last writing and begin the new. My beloved guests are home in their lives, I’ve started cold weather swimming, time to order the velour and get ready for cozy, busy Fall.

Peace may look a little different this month than it did last, but Peace is right here, waiting for us to discover it, to pursue it, to promote it, to make it. Peace of a rainy Autumn morning to you my friends.

And enjoy this last memory of a lovely Summer.


Soft Folds of Peace

Some evenings and some mornings, the beauty of the sky is enough to talk about.

It’s sad how infrequently we give ourselves time to “indulge” (indulge????) in the beauty of this world. Beauty is such an astonishing gift; we should honor it, not take it for granted.

It’s good to stop and gaze in reverence as the sun is going down, to notice the colors and shadows that are cast. It’s good to stop and gaze in wonder as the sun rises, and gently blesses the new day with beauty.

If we make time and invite others to share that with us, then we are sowing seeds of Peace. Perhaps that’s all the seeds of Peace really are, Beauty — and perhaps Compassion.

Let us give Peace and Beauty their due.


Sunset. Moonrise. Friends. Music. Peace.

Some nights are just sweet. Last night was one of them. It had been so busy all day. Go here. Go there. Finish this. Start that. Do. Do. Do.

And then, my friends back from NY, dinner over, we collected another friend, and there we were, sitting on a patio, listening to another friend’s great music. That boy can write himself a sad song about class, about living with the drive to create and perform. And he can sing!

The Sun went down. The Moon came up.

It was all a pretty beautiful reminder that taking the time gives great payoffs. Once in a while, remembering how sweet life is, gives you what’s needed to get back on the Peace journey. Comfort and company for the road. Peace, my friends.


May the Sun Go Down on our Commitment to Peace

We’re the ones who hold Peace in our hands.

So, are we the ones to hold Peace in our hearts?

What are we going to do about Peace?

If we continue to shake our heads and ignore it… life will not change…

I’m asking myself a lot of questions. I’m reading a lot. We can’t keep living like this. It’s not good for the planet, it’s not good for the humans.

Isn’t it time we gave Peace a chance. I keep thinking, man to the moon, explorer to Mars… Peace ought to be within our grasp… It definitely ought to be within our sights.

So, let’s try an experiment… every time we notice that something is beautiful, think of Peace. Every time we notice that something is not beautiful, make it more so. Start with the little things. Care about your environment. Join a group that does good work. Do something. Make Peace. Every day. Everyday Peace.


Never Too Late for Beauty or Peace

Sunsets often transform cloudy skies into wild beauty. There you’ve been, moping along all day, complaining about the clouds or the rain or the mist, and the Sun, on the way out door, headed home for the night, takes advantage of the moment and turns the sky into Beauty.

It can steal your breath and stop you in your tracks. And oh, I hope so. Paying attention is so very important. When we’re offered Beauty, we should take advantage of it.

It’s good to remember this when we’re gloomy about the prospects of Peace. We can be the transforming Beauty. We need to be.


Peace in Sepia

Every day when I lived in the house on Colton, I would get stopped by the Sunset. For some reason, the way the weather works in the Bay Area, sunset is often clear. Socked in with fog all day, and then it all blows away. I’m sure a meteorologist could explain it, but for me, I’ll take the magic.

Sometimes some of the fog would stay to be layered in rose and gold. Such beauty.

But one thing that always took my breath away was when the bay would turn black and white at some magical hour and then be infused with gold.

Life. Beauty. Peace. All of them in sepia. That you and I could share this wonder. This is both Peace and the reason for it. There is Beauty, let us acknowledge it! There is Peace, let us spread it.


Subtle Shades of Peace

Wouldn’t it be nice if Peace were simply black and white. And certainly there are some things about it that are. If we’re ambivalent about Peace, then we’re not going to have it.

But Peace is a slow and subtle thing. We learn more, we become more attuned, the longer we work for it.

Winter is a time of subtlety. It is a time of greys and shadow. It’s a way of thinking as much as a way of living. Before we wish that away, we might want to understand what that way of thinking can teach us. Some of us are excellent at moving through the shadows. Some of us work much more easily with a more action centered existence. But both are in all of us and it’s good to find the balance. And as the sun sets, it filters through the shadows giving another kind of light in which to examine what we know…

Every day matters. Everyday matters… Peace.


Sunrise, Sunset, Sabbath, Peace

I received a video this morning to tell me that the sunrise had been beautiful. As beautiful, it turns out as the sunset last night. And the sunset was gorgeous. (even if driving west during the sunset is a pretty lousy idea.

Ah, this earth. and this beauty.

I’m grateful that this is my Sabbath today. After the tumultuous weekend, it will be so good to gather with those who are my family of faith. Our traditions may be different, but when they’re right for us, there is that sense of coming home. And when the world is so crazy, home is central to our well-being. And so many, so many have lost all they’ve known as home.

I must admit that after the long hours on the road, I’m really looking forward to an afternoon nap as well. zzzzzz.

But enjoy the day. it’s cold but beautiful. Do those things that remind you how good it is to be alive.

Peace be with us all, my friends. Peace.