Peace Is Where We Are

Trish took a wonderful picture that screams end of Summer. The Sunset is a Fall beauty. The family in the boat is a family sneaking in one last, lovely memory of Summer 2016.

Time to take the Summer toys home and put them away. Now it’s cool and rainy — and oh, do we need the rain. We’ve gotten more than an inch in the last two days and two more days of rain planned.  I just had a cozy beginning to a Saturday morning — cuddled up to finish a new mystery. A perfect slow rainy beginning to a busy weekend.

Time to pull out the fall/winter clothes. Time to clear out everything that’s left over from the summer, finish up that last writing and begin the new. My beloved guests are home in their lives, I’ve started cold weather swimming, time to order the velour and get ready for cozy, busy Fall.

Peace may look a little different this month than it did last, but Peace is right here, waiting for us to discover it, to pursue it, to promote it, to make it. Peace of a rainy Autumn morning to you my friends.

And enjoy this last memory of a lovely Summer.


Peaceful Ghosts of Summers Past

I like all the seasons. I’m excited to see each day unfold and wonder what it will offer. I’m sort of an everyday nerd… gee, what’s the world like today?

But I never realize until the joy seeps in that I’m excited about summer in a totally different way. Well, there’s swimming. But I think it’s also when my family came into their own. There was tennis for many of them. There was the pool. There were picnics. There were family and family/friend traditions like strawberry shortcake festivals. There were those plates of sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob… There was sitting on the porch reading or just hanging out watching the fireflies…

Summer. it’s pretty grand.

So this is when my ghosts arrive in a big old van stuffed with towels and suits and coconut scented sunn screen to bless me with memories and make my heart yearn. I was so blessed and every once in a while I’m lonely for them. But I’m so lucky because there are others to go to the pool with. Others to have picnics. There is life. and it’s grand.

It’s Sunday. I have a family picnic, and before that a family meet up with other family, and before that there’s church and that beloved community. This is Summer Sabbath Peace at Ann’s house. I hope there’s Peace at your house too.

Prayers for the families of the people wounded and killed in Orlando.  Sadly, there’s no Peace there today.



Campfires, Treats, and Nature

I like this picture, it captures something wonderful and something less than wonderful. (Spoiler alert, Ann reveals herself as a traditionalist)

Mountain pies and s’mores are great things. Especially when they come enveloped in history. Remember the time and place we…

That’s not so true anymore. Everything needs to be instant. Nothing can be special, reserved for those moments when all the right ingredients are there. When you’re in the place that they happen.

S’mores from the truck are a tasty treat. But they have no history. If you have the history, then they’ll spark a memory. If you don’t have history, it’s just one more bit of sugar.

And frankly, they’re a sticky mess. Too much drippy marshmallow. ‘Way too sweet. You don’t really EVER need a s’more, in fact, there’s good reason not to eat them, but they’re great when you’re hangin’ by the fire.

But here we are lined up for something as ephemeral as memory…

Let’s maybe find a different way to make Peace.


Cows and Songs and Peace

Oh, minds are such delightful things. Who knows how they work?

Cows stroll across hills and I “hear music and there’s no one there.” But it comes from “Music Man.”

And that brings back family memories and sweet Joy.

That cows can somehow be connected to evenings on the sofa with Mom watching “Music Man” on the B&W TV, it’s weird and wonderful. And, yet, in my mind, obviously, they are.

And in my pastoral wanderings and my rememberings there is Peace.

Let us keep looking for the Peace. The Peace that grounds us and the Peace we want to share with the world.

Everyone enjoys the sight of cows in procession. Everyone cherishes the memories of special moments spent with families. We are just people. We must make Peace, together.

Peace. Every day. Everyday Peace.