Lavender Cows for Peace

My mother used to tell me the purple cow poem. Very rarely, she would make purple cows — grape juice with vanilla ice cream. Her daddy used to make them for her. Wow, that was an association I hadn’t made for a while.

I don’t know what made me think to rhyme, but there it was — and there was I revamping and revamping so it (mostly) scanned… and the words matched the tenor of the poem — and they rhymed.

It’s an interesting exercise, now and again. but don’t hold me to it. And there was a bonus extra line in it, because it seemed to require it.

But all of us, whether purple or lavender, should be working for Peace. And we should giggle when and where we can. Keep your eyes open for purple cows.


The Peace of Doing the Job We Have and Doing It Well

Dairy cattle have one job. There are many parts to it as there are to most jobs, but they produce milk. Around here, they do it in serene beauty. They graze. They chew. They wander home to be milked. They do these things in large companionable groups.

We’ve recently found out that cheese is addictive. It’s also darned good.

Sweet to share with our buddies. Just as they shared the making of the milk.

They share the making of the milk just as we share the fruits of their labor.

There are tiny little lessons for us all to learn here and there is companionable Peace as well. You eat your grass, I’ll eat mine. There’s stuff to learn here! (And I don’t know about you, but I’m still being astounded that we’re in week 24 of a 52 week year! Almost half over? It seems impossible!) Everyday matters and Everyday Peace.


Cows of Peace

Don’t you love old wives’ tales? There’s always some truth to them, and some in fact have much truth, but others, not so much.

Cows lying down means it’s going to rain. Do cows lie down when it’s going to rain? Maybe they do, you make a smaller target after all. But do they only lie down in fields when it’s going to rain? No. Especially in Sweden, where it does seem cows lie down a lot. And why not? It’s cool, breezy, and often beautiful clouds. Settle in and enjoy the view!

And having been a large and happy consumer of many of their products that involve whipped cream, I’m here to say to the cows, whatever makes you happy, girls, you rock! If anyone knows how to do their job, you’re the ones!

So here’s to a picture of contentment. Happy cows at Peace on a hillside. There’s a lot about this picture to like. There’s probably even stuff to emulate! Cows! Peace!



Cows and Songs and Peace

Oh, minds are such delightful things. Who knows how they work?

Cows stroll across hills and I “hear music and there’s no one there.” But it comes from “Music Man.”

And that brings back family memories and sweet Joy.

That cows can somehow be connected to evenings on the sofa with Mom watching “Music Man” on the B&W TV, it’s weird and wonderful. And, yet, in my mind, obviously, they are.

And in my pastoral wanderings and my rememberings there is Peace.

Let us keep looking for the Peace. The Peace that grounds us and the Peace we want to share with the world.

Everyone enjoys the sight of cows in procession. Everyone cherishes the memories of special moments spent with families. We are just people. We must make Peace, together.

Peace. Every day. Everyday Peace.




Solitary Peace

Solitary bovine Peace?

Cows are such herd animals. But occasionally, even they have the need to wander away.

We should trust our own need… and use it not to brood, but to plot.

Sometimes the wandering away requires a burst of courage. Sometimes we just follow the path in front of our hearts.

Peace is such a curious thing. We need to figure out how we’re best able to participate in it, and then get on with it! Sometimes it requires close work with like-hearted folks. Sometimes Peace becomes a solitary endeavor. Maybe for all of us, it’s always both… but it’s always Peace!


Peace of Farming

I live in rural PA. And yet, by and large, I know nothing about farming. I’m a city girl.

Having Dagny, a large animal vet, take pictures this year was a deliberate attempt to move closer to the land and culture I inhabit. Looking at this cute faced little guy, I have to find out about hutches for calves and illnesses calves are prey to and how that’s best avoided.

I both eat meat and dairy. I work to be deliberate and conscious about that. I know others make different choices. It helps when Dag tells me which farms to buy from because they take the best care of their animals.

Wise folk say know the people who farm our food. I like that. I also like knowing the vet who cares for the animals. And I love the pics she sends me.

I love the call to consciousness. What we do has impact. How we live makes a difference. We must make Peace where we live.