The Peace of Doing the Job We Have and Doing It Well

Dairy cattle have one job. There are many parts to it as there are to most jobs, but they produce milk. Around here, they do it in serene beauty. They graze. They chew. They wander home to be milked. They do these things in large companionable groups.

We’ve recently found out that cheese is addictive. It’s also darned good.

Sweet to share with our buddies. Just as they shared the making of the milk.

They share the making of the milk just as we share the fruits of their labor.

There are tiny little lessons for us all to learn here and there is companionable Peace as well. You eat your grass, I’ll eat mine. There’s stuff to learn here! (And I don’t know about you, but I’m still being astounded that we’re in week 24 of a 52 week year! Almost half over? It seems impossible!) Everyday matters and Everyday Peace.


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