The Peace of a Slow Summer Day

It’s early days in the Summer season, some people insist that Summer starts on Mid-Summer instead of it’s being, you know, MID-Summer. I love the European start it on the First of May. We’re all jonesing for it anyway, right? From watching FB, you’d swear some folks thought it started in January. Nope, that’s global climate change folks. sorry.

But there’s nothing sweeter than June days in Pennsylvania when they decide to act like June days. Nothing to do but relax — or at least to pace yourself through the day.

I loved this sunset for this reason (The local television station loved it too and gave it a prize! Hurrah Trish!)

I got my porch opened (at last! at last!) yesterday. And so today, i get to write this sitting on the porch that looks way more like the screened in porch of a summer cabin than the downtown town house it is. It’s rustic and cozy and cool… and so quiet.

Hopefully the weather will last for the wedding this afternoon. Cool, calm and lovely is a wonderful day for a wedding!

Wishing you all the blessing of a slow, early summer day with no particular place to go and only lovely things to do, if you must do! Go ahead. Waste it on Peace. I’d write more, but i have to have some strawberry shortcake, right now!



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