Cows of Peace

Don’t you love old wives’ tales? There’s always some truth to them, and some in fact have much truth, but others, not so much.

Cows lying down means it’s going to rain. Do cows lie down when it’s going to rain? Maybe they do, you make a smaller target after all. But do they only lie down in fields when it’s going to rain? No. Especially in Sweden, where it does seem cows lie down a lot. And why not? It’s cool, breezy, and often beautiful clouds. Settle in and enjoy the view!

And having been a large and happy consumer of many of their products that involve whipped cream, I’m here to say to the cows, whatever makes you happy, girls, you rock! If anyone knows how to do their job, you’re the ones!

So here’s to a picture of contentment. Happy cows at Peace on a hillside. There’s a lot about this picture to like. There’s probably even stuff to emulate! Cows! Peace!



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