Peace of Farming

I live in rural PA. And yet, by and large, I know nothing about farming. I’m a city girl.

Having Dagny, a large animal vet, take pictures this year was a deliberate attempt to move closer to the land and culture I inhabit. Looking at this cute faced little guy, I have to find out about hutches for calves and illnesses calves are prey to and how that’s best avoided.

I both eat meat and dairy. I work to be deliberate and conscious about that. I know others make different choices. It helps when Dag tells me which farms to buy from because they take the best care of their animals.

Wise folk say know the people who farm our food. I like that. I also like knowing the vet who cares for the animals. And I love the pics she sends me.

I love the call to consciousness. What we do has impact. How we live makes a difference. We must make Peace where we live.


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