Campfires, Treats, and Nature

I like this picture, it captures something wonderful and something less than wonderful. (Spoiler alert, Ann reveals herself as a traditionalist)

Mountain pies and s’mores are great things. Especially when they come enveloped in history. Remember the time and place we…

That’s not so true anymore. Everything needs to be instant. Nothing can be special, reserved for those moments when all the right ingredients are there. When you’re in the place that they happen.

S’mores from the truck are a tasty treat. But they have no history. If you have the history, then they’ll spark a memory. If you don’t have history, it’s just one more bit of sugar.

And frankly, they’re a sticky mess. Too much drippy marshmallow. ‘Way too sweet. You don’t really EVER need a s’more, in fact, there’s good reason not to eat them, but they’re great when you’re hangin’ by the fire.

But here we are lined up for something as ephemeral as memory…

Let’s maybe find a different way to make Peace.


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