Peaceful Ghosts of Summers Past

I like all the seasons. I’m excited to see each day unfold and wonder what it will offer. I’m sort of an everyday nerd… gee, what’s the world like today?

But I never realize until the joy seeps in that I’m excited about summer in a totally different way. Well, there’s swimming. But I think it’s also when my family came into their own. There was tennis for many of them. There was the pool. There were picnics. There were family and family/friend traditions like strawberry shortcake festivals. There were those plates of sliced tomatoes and corn on the cob… There was sitting on the porch reading or just hanging out watching the fireflies…

Summer. it’s pretty grand.

So this is when my ghosts arrive in a big old van stuffed with towels and suits and coconut scented sunn screen to bless me with memories and make my heart yearn. I was so blessed and every once in a while I’m lonely for them. But I’m so lucky because there are others to go to the pool with. Others to have picnics. There is life. and it’s grand.

It’s Sunday. I have a family picnic, and before that a family meet up with other family, and before that there’s church and that beloved community. This is Summer Sabbath Peace at Ann’s house. I hope there’s Peace at your house too.

Prayers for the families of the people wounded and killed in Orlando.  Sadly, there’s no Peace there today.