Rising in Peace

This was a lovely shot of a Moonrise on the Susquehanna… and it was even more lovely being there. We ate apple dumplings and stood and watched the Beauty…

It’s not a full Moon right now, but it reminded me of the health forum I went to on Monday evening. There were a couple hundred people in attendance. There were interesting and informative speakers. (And as my friend pointed out, You could get a glass of wine.)

Even as we were absorbing a lot of not so hopeful information, everyone there was feeling the power of the room.

More than once I could hear Maya Angelou’s prophetic voice: “Together we rise.”

May it be so. May it be in Peace.

Sunset. Moonrise. Friends. Music. Peace.

Some nights are just sweet. Last night was one of them. It had been so busy all day. Go here. Go there. Finish this. Start that. Do. Do. Do.

And then, my friends back from NY, dinner over, we collected another friend, and there we were, sitting on a patio, listening to another friend’s great music. That boy can write himself a sad song about class, about living with the drive to create and perform. And he can sing!

The Sun went down. The Moon came up.

It was all a pretty beautiful reminder that taking the time gives great payoffs. Once in a while, remembering how sweet life is, gives you what’s needed to get back on the Peace journey. Comfort and company for the road. Peace, my friends.