Oh, March, Such Wild Peace

March is quite a month. Here in California, the questions are will it be sunny and beautiful or will it rain… pour, pour, pour. Back home the questions are should I wear shorts or where did I put that snow shovel? And not will there be wind, but how bad will it be?

And still we persevere… because all of March is beautiful. Wild has a beauty all its own.

Enjoy it… The drama lessens once April comes alive. Here’s to the wild Peace Of March…

Short Winter Days, Long Winter Nights, Peace

Wherever you live, however much Sunlight falls or doesn’t on your days, it’s always the right day to make it a day of Peace.

Night is so beautiful. Day is so beautiful. Winter is so beautiful. So are Spring, Summer and Fall. Peace adds its own incredible Beauty.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth bring the days and nights and seasons. We bring the Peace. They’re doing their job. Are we? Now more than ever, we must Peace.



The Peace of a Slow Start

Not every day starts quickly. It’s true, some days you wake up and zoom, you’re on your game with stuff to do and places to go.

Other days, life happens a bit more deliberately. You take the time to linger in all the stages of coming to the day. Why should Dawn be any different?

Some days the Sun gives the world a slow start.

Drink it in. It’s a different Peace. The more sides of Peace we know, the better able we are to offer it.


Summer Life; Summer Peace

Summer Life is meant to be lived large. Out loud. Out side.

The Sun is dominant; it can be dangerous — everything has a flip side. Mother Earth who rules Winter can also be dangerous. But the Sun brings warmth; it brings food; it brings desire to the surface to simmer for all to enjoy.

Summer. Sun. Gardens. Pools. Abundance. Excess. Delight.

Everyone loves, if not Summer itself, at least some of the things that go together with it — picnics and family gatherings; sitting outside on a summer evening enjoying just being alive. All the berries, all the melons, all the vegetables. Yes indeed, indeed.

I had my first strawberry shortcake yesterday. I had my first garden lettuce. I’ll have some radishes for breakfast! MMMM.

The Sun is hidden behind some rather damp gloom, but the light is still with us. We are blessed by Summer. Let us be a blessing to the World. People are out and about. Smile and say hello! Offer Peace to all you meet. And mean it.


Never Too Late for Beauty or Peace

Sunsets often transform cloudy skies into wild beauty. There you’ve been, moping along all day, complaining about the clouds or the rain or the mist, and the Sun, on the way out door, headed home for the night, takes advantage of the moment and turns the sky into Beauty.

It can steal your breath and stop you in your tracks. And oh, I hope so. Paying attention is so very important. When we’re offered Beauty, we should take advantage of it.

It’s good to remember this when we’re gloomy about the prospects of Peace. We can be the transforming Beauty. We need to be.


Rolling in the Peace

It’s not just the plants that come dancing back to life in the Spring. Most of us do too. (A special shout out to those who feel about Summer the way the rest of the world feels about Winter).

But for those of us whose faces turn eagerly Sunward, there’s something that pulls sheer, giggling exuberance from us.

For me, it’s always great to see the crocus, but It’s the stalwart daffodils and narcissus that make cheery. I fret about whether it’s time to run to Catawissa hill to see the grape hyacinths that my family always visited. And I wait eagerly for the violets to rampage across lawns. C’mon violets. (And Spring, don’t you go getting too warm on us so that the violets can play a while. pleeeeeeeze?)

There’s something about the freshness of the air that thrills. And the changed angle of the Sun. Whatever it is, enjoy whatever great laughing, Springing Peace you’re called to. This intoxicating moment is brief — that’s part of what makes it wonderful.

Spring! Peace! Life! Enjoy them all. Oh — and pay your taxes.


Peace of the Day

We deal with the things we can, one after another. Each day has its challenges. We deal with them and try to leave a little bit of time over for dreaming and planning.

Some days are extraordinary. Some days are just what they are!

And we are here to meet the day. To live fully into what is before us.

And when the Sun finally slips below the horizon, our job is to be able to let it go with no regrets.

It’s good to make Peace with the day we have. It’s good to make Peace with letting it go.

It’s good to go to bed and get up tomorrow, ready to Peace again! Everyday Peace.