Waterfalls: Spring’s Wild, Dancing Peace

The rainy abundance of Spring has been filling up our mountain streams, sending waters merrily through the shallow channels. Then they come to the end of the plateau and plunge lacily to the next level. Ricketts Glen is filled with such falls and this time of year, it’s filled with a wild and particular Beauty.

The Falls are Rain’s gift to us. Spring and Fall the rains come and the streams swell. We need to be careful around it, but, oh, the delight.

Water is powerful, we forget that in its Beauty. as it plunges from heights into pools, the landscape is rearranged. Beauty can be powerful. We need to remember that.

It’s worth a visit to the places in your life where the water runs wild. The ions the water throws off will change your mood if nothing else. But to watch the power of water doing what it’s called to do is a wonderful thing.

Embrace the Wild Peace that Nature offers the Earth… drink it in, and then translate it into forward momentum for the Peace we all need.

Oh, March, Such Wild Peace

March is quite a month. Here in California, the questions are will it be sunny and beautiful or will it rain… pour, pour, pour. Back home the questions are should I wear shorts or where did I put that snow shovel? And not will there be wind, but how bad will it be?

And still we persevere… because all of March is beautiful. Wild has a beauty all its own.

Enjoy it… The drama lessens once April comes alive. Here’s to the wild Peace Of March…

Rain the Rain of Peace!

In the last three days we’ve gotten 1 3/4″ of rain. When you’re down by almost 10 inches, that’s a huge blessing. The earth is so thirsty.

There’s more due this evening — Just a little. Just a chance. But perhaps.

And there are rainy day activities to undertake. Reading in bed in the morning is one. And changing out the Summer clothes for those more appropriate to the chill. I’m not entirely happy the warm weather is gone… but everyone had closed their pools anyway. Nothing left to do but join the gym and start the early morning swimming. Which I did.

But the Earth rejoices and we rejoice with her. Blessed be the Autumn rains. Blessed be the Peace they bring.


Love the Sturm und Drang, Could Use A Little Rain Peace

Back here in Central PA, we’ve only received about three-quarters of our annual rainfall. I’ve never seen the river and creeks this low.

And yet we’ve spent the summer with enough humidity in the air that seems to have no interest in making rain.

We, with a big finger point toward myself, need to be thinking about water conservation as well as other techniques to slow down global warming.

Water is precious… Everyone deserves clean water although an astonishing number of people live without it. People worry, and not without reason, that our next wars will be about water.

We need to get involved with our communities and work for good water treatment plants and processes. We need to stop using water bottles — even for special occasions.

We must make Peace with water needs so that all the people may flourish. We must care for our Earth enough to make a difference in the environment…