Oh, March, Such Wild Peace

March is quite a month. Here in California, the questions are will it be sunny and beautiful or will it rain… pour, pour, pour. Back home the questions are should I wear shorts or where did I put that snow shovel? And not will there be wind, but how bad will it be?

And still we persevere… because all of March is beautiful. Wild has a beauty all its own.

Enjoy it… The drama lessens once April comes alive. Here’s to the wild Peace Of March…

How Will We Fuel Peace?

It’s time to reconsider where we get our fuel.

I’ve been so caught by Van Jones’ notion that what’s in the ground is dead… and we don’t dig it up…

And we’ve clear cut this nation at least once… and that’s proven itself not a good thing.

But we have winds and we have sun… And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon…

Let’s think differently. Let’s Peace differently, shall we?


Our Force for Peace Must Stand Firm

The elements are powerful and work at returning life to its most, well, elemental.

We’re the ones who can bring care and understanding and Peace to life. It is perhaps not the most natural of states. It is however muchly to be desired.

We are the ones who can bring Peace to life. It is a labor. But it is a labor of Love. And love is the ingredient we have to offer Life!

Let us be about the business of Love and Peace, all the while admiring the power of the wind and the rain to change the shape of life. And let us remember the people of Oaklahoma whose lives have been changed by the strong hurricanes.

Wind and Water. Love and Peace. Let us honor them all.