Waterfalls: Spring’s Wild, Dancing Peace

The rainy abundance of Spring has been filling up our mountain streams, sending waters merrily through the shallow channels. Then they come to the end of the plateau and plunge lacily to the next level. Ricketts Glen is filled with such falls and this time of year, it’s filled with a wild and particular Beauty.

The Falls are Rain’s gift to us. Spring and Fall the rains come and the streams swell. We need to be careful around it, but, oh, the delight.

Water is powerful, we forget that in its Beauty. as it plunges from heights into pools, the landscape is rearranged. Beauty can be powerful. We need to remember that.

It’s worth a visit to the places in your life where the water runs wild. The ions the water throws off will change your mood if nothing else. But to watch the power of water doing what it’s called to do is a wonderful thing.

Embrace the Wild Peace that Nature offers the Earth… drink it in, and then translate it into forward momentum for the Peace we all need.

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