Subtle Shades of Peace

Wouldn’t it be nice if Peace were simply black and white. And certainly there are some things about it that are. If we’re ambivalent about Peace, then we’re not going to have it.

But Peace is a slow and subtle thing. We learn more, we become more attuned, the longer we work for it.

Winter is a time of subtlety. It is a time of greys and shadow. It’s a way of thinking as much as a way of living. Before we wish that away, we might want to understand what that way of thinking can teach us. Some of us are excellent at moving through the shadows. Some of us work much more easily with a more action centered existence. But both are in all of us and it’s good to find the balance. And as the sun sets, it filters through the shadows giving another kind of light in which to examine what we know…

Every day matters. Everyday matters… Peace.