Spread Gentle Peace, Like the Dawn

I’m a little more hopeful today, simply because it is a new day. And because the atrocities of the days before demand that many of us develop some sense of purpose about race, violence, guns.

We must be resourceful. And in our determination we must be Peaceful.

No does not need to be shouted. It simply needs to be inexorable. We shall not be moved.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make a difference.

We shall not be moved from our determination insist on Justice.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make Peace.

We shall not be moved. And may Dawn soften our hearts into Peace and settle them on justice. Blessed Be. Blessed Sabbath.

Black lives do matter. Police lives do matter. What we do with our lives matters as well.



Inviting Sabbath Peace

Some mornings dawn breaks gently. Other days it flashes into our lives. I love that this picture issues a quiet invitation. I love that dawn came softly today as well.

I was up late reading last night. Silly me. on the night before Sunday morning. Go to bed Ann… but the book was so good. And I’d been at a great party before and I needed to calm down… nothing like reading!

But I slept well and deeply and this morning i came slowly awake right before the alarm. ah…

And today is going to be a lovely day. I don’t preach; one of my young wildfire students does. And this afternoon, I have one email to answer and that’s about it for work! The house is clean, the laundry done, and I still have two books I’m poking around in: one mind stretching and one just for fun.

Gentle Sabbath Peace. I wish you the same. Everyday Peace. Every day, Peace.