The Soft Peace of Later Early Mornings

In about a month, I’m going to have to steel myself for early morning risings. If I want to continue my journey toward health and strength, I’m going to have to get up early to swim. In the middle of the Winter, that’s going to mean before dawn. I’ll get to ease into it however… the Earth is gentle with us that way… but inexorable!

It’s really rather exciting to map the Sun times and the Moon times and know a bit about where we are in this world. And so lovely to have Deb Slade and Trish Stroble documenting our journey around the Sun. Since Deb often shoots from a similar place we can see how — I was about to say the Sun moves, but it’s really the Earth, isn’t it, as it tilts and spins…

But, whatever the hour, here comes the Sun with the soft and beautiful Sunrise (almost an hour later than its earliest rising around the Summer Solstice). Go have a wonderful day. Peace.


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