The Funnel Cake of Peace

There are two women I know and love in this Valley. We get our picture taken a lot because we’re women from different traditions trying to gather the Valley together around things that matter.

And, we sometimes gather people together around things that don’t matter. Yesterday was one of those days. It was our fourth (or so) mostly annual Interfaith Coalition No Pork Picnic at a wonderful small family owned amusement park (Number One in the nation, we add proudly).

Yesterday Rabbi Nina wrote, Eradicating Peace, one funnel cake at a time. To which I added, putting the fun back in funnel cake. And so the picture from this gathering that we’ll send to the paper will have more than the three of us and we’ll all be holding a plate of funnel cake.

We didn’t have as many people as we’d hoped we might, since we’d had to reschedule for last week’s thunderstorms. But those who came stayed and played. (I just found out one family stayed through dinner!)

I’m not a huge amusement park fan. Once I’ve ridden the skloosh (a fast plow into a huge puddle of water!) and gotten soaking wet, i’m done for the day. Pullllease can I go home.

But there we all were, eating funnel cake and laughing. Life is very sweet — funnel cake is a good reminder. Interfaith community changes the world and it can always use a bit of sweetness and laughter. So here’s to you and here’s to us, lifting that Funnel Cake to Peace!


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