The Peace of Water

I’m currently reading Blue Mind, by Wallace J. Nichols. Now I know why I love the water. Now I also know why I have a short attention span… oh, electronics, you danger…

Being by, in, or under water does wonders for us. Baths may literally be saving my sanity!

And apart from all that, or maybe because of all that, water is beautiful.

This guy is happy about the water he’s giving the world, it’s in every line…

Turns out it’s a great thing to have water features at schools and universities. it calms folks down and helps them center.

And here we all are… wasting water, not protecting it.

There’s Peace in Water and everyone’s need for water demands that we make Peace for Water. 80 Indian nations are at Standing Rock protesting a pipeline for the sake of water. 80 nations may be more nations than have ever gathered before… ancient enemies have united for the sake of water.

Let us Peace in the name of Water, which brings Peace in and of itself.


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