More Sunlight for Peace

It is no longer the time of the comforting dark. These are the days of brilliant sunshine. The gardeners are exalting. The dirt, the dirt, the dirt! It’s finally warm enough, dry enough, sunny enough to plant.

I’ll stop there, so I don’t get myself in trouble, since I’m sketchy on the details of planting and don’t understand the thrill.

But life isn’t only about what I like, It’s about what we all like. That’s how the Peace making comes in. And goodness knows we all love succulent vegetables.

And if you’re a garden peep, you don’t have time to be reading this, so get out there, and enjoy it! The Sun is Back. Spring is definitely winning the day. And you and I are all about figuring out how to make Peace with this beautiful day, and Peace in our world.

Hurrah! Enjoy!


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