Capricious April Peace

If you’re going to love April, and why wouldn’t you, you’re going to have to put up with her wild mood fluctuations. I think of her as a young month. She’s always trying things out.

The seasons are still bickering — and April’s watching the way her skirts float in the breeze.

Everyone seems to be heartily tired of Winter, poor old dear, but she and Spring are still playing. She’ll sleep soon. I know Spring beguiled us in the month of March with warm weather. Everyone went out and and got their seeds started.

April doesn’t seem to care.

For me, April is a wonderful example of the need to be here now. She is what she is. And she is filled with Beauty. It is, it’s true, a Beauty all her own. But, oh! the Flowers! Let us rejoice in her wild mood swings and make Peace with her particular Beauty.

Might as well. She’s not going anywhere. I, however, am off on the hunt for the fields of grape hyacinth.


3 thoughts on “Capricious April Peace

  1. What a lovely perspective! Here I’ve been moping around thinking “April is the cruelest month…” Thank you!

  2. HI Ann – It’s the Randy & Sally show here in WI
    I really appreciated this. April surely is playing out here. We had 60’s and one 70 and now 29 and snow showers all day. In fact the next 4 days. But then she relaxes just a bit, puts on a spring daffodil dress, and allows us some 50’s and sunshine. I shall think of you often this April. Love, US

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