Dancing the Peace Line

There are lines. There are differences between us. But they don’t need to be hard lines. They don’t need to be walls.

We can flirt along the lines… stick a toe across and bring it back safely, learning to live a bit more boldly.

Sometimes lines make us feel safe… but we need to use that safety to dare. Rules and lines are good and helpful. But Life is also made for dancing and it is made for Peace.

So we just have to figure out how to work with what we have.

Line dancing. It was huge in the 80s. Let’s bring it back. Line Dancing for Peace!

Dance! Dance! Dance! Giving and Making Peace.

Letting go into Dance… not just the art of Dance but the thrill of it, is good for us.

It’s aerobic, certainly. But to lose ourselves in the music is good for our souls… To do that in the company of others is excellent.

And just like singing together brings our hearts into once place, so does dancing together!

But have a caution about the music you choose. Choose music with not only melody but also lyrics that set your heart to dancing as well as your feet.

We need to dance! We need to Peace! Together. As so many songs say: Just Keep Dancin’!

Twirling for Peace

The dancing I’ve looked at in the last couple posts has been about the way the music calls you into itself.

Twirling is more deliberate than that. I spent some time investigating, we can’t say researching, twirling and what it does.

Twirling is meditation. And the skirts have not only purpose, but have meaning. Consider this that I found this piece on the Sufi’s spinning garments from Tech Times: “the performance brings the dancer’s skirt into a hypnotic flow while the performer reaches a state of trance. After examining the twirling skirts, scientists have established that it can be correlated with the weather patterns on earth.

The patterns seen by tourists during the dance ritual can be traces its roots 700 years to ancient Persia, are acting because of the same Coriolus features that help create strong hurricanes.”

I don’t know what this means, but it’s fascinating.

So think about that the next time you see a little girl twirling. We might want to be twirling ourselves!

Twirling for Peace, that is, in our hurricane skirts.

Dancing for Peace (and Sanity)

Dancing’s a wonderful thing. It gives you joy. It expresses sorrow. It helps you hang on sometimes when the hanging isn’t easy.

And yet, we don’t dance enough. Not in public. Not even in the privacy of our own homes. Not with our friends. Not with strangers, Not with all sorts of folk.

One of the things I love about my husband’s Monday night gig, is that all sorts of people come. Lots of people with whom I have lots in common and lots with whom I have nothing in common. And we dance. And we laugh and we hug and we go home and we can’t say we don’t care about the people who care about life differently than we do.

And now, probably always, but now, there is reason to dance, because life is hard. But dancing can give us some hope.

And that’s grand. And that’s dancing. and that can lead to Peace.

Dancing, yeah.


Puddle Dancing for Peace

Here on the East Coast today, we are perhaps needing to roll a snow man or sled down a hill rather than to dance in a puddle… but the message is the same. This is the beauty we have. Dance in it. Enjoy it.

It’s not an inconvenience. It’s what is.

We prepare for what’s ahead, if we can… and deal with what arrives. Wishing it were different takes an awful lot of time — wastes an awful lot of time. And when it comes to weather, we can’t really make it much different — well, we can stop doing things, and demand that corporations stop doing things that contribute to climate change.

But when the weather is here, might as well dance. Rain or shine, we might as well dance for Peace. Every day.



Community Dancing Peace

It’s really sort of a Thursday miracle. About 40 of us gather to listen to jazz in a friendly little downtown restaurant.

People like each other, and are really happy for a night out. Food’s good. BYOB, so folk are drinking what they want.

I know I brag, but my husband is really an extraordinary drummer. And his group is quite wonderful. There’s always a beat you can catch, because making people dance is Steve’s happiest thing.

It’s part of the group’s happiest thing as well!. Dancers throng the floor and just delight in the pleasure. Many of them are 70+. One of them is 90+. Some are not well, and still they dance away. And have so much fun.

Sweet Thursday Dancing Peace spills easily into Friday as we all enjoy the memory. Get out there and dance, my friends.



And Dance by the Light of the Moon. Peace!

Every day is what it is. And that’s grand.  And yet, and yet. Some days are better than others.

These warm days with chilly nights are just delightful. It’s warm, but not too warm. Cool, but not too cool.

If there were ever to be a night or two to dance under the moon, these would be they!

Humans do well in this weather.

And the Moon is beautiful. It’s closer than it often is and that makes it appear larger on the horizon. And soon, and soon, we’re going to have an eclipse of this big and beautiful Super Moon.

Not only is it rare, there’s not to be another until 2030, I’ll be 78!

It’s also perfectly lovely weather to wrap up and go out to watch the eclipse. And there are no bugs because they don’t like the cool weather.

It doesn’t get much better than this folks, not for Lunar Beauty.

And the Peace of this Moon shines on me and shines on you and shines on everyone all over the world. May we sing songs of Peace and send them out across the planet. Peace be with us. Peace be with us all.