Weathering Peace

It’s so hard not to rejoice when the temperatures climb. Who doesn’t want fabulous weather? But the weather is wrong for the season. We’re not meant to have 80+˚ weather in April.

The pollens this year are so high. We didn’t really have enough freezing weather.

The climate is changing and the planet… and more particularly, the creatures who live on this planet, humans included will find life more difficult.

And the political climate is eroding as well. Human decency is revealing itself to be made of mighty flimsy stuff.

Peace is dependent upon our doing the right things. What is important to us? how do we make that real in the world? How do we Peace and get others Peacing right along with us.

This Is Not Climate Peace

It’s hard not to be delighted when February brings beautiful weather. Unless, of course, you consider that this is still Winter. Or even if you’re Northern European Pagan, it’s only the very beginning of Early Spring. Which means some warming, but 60 degrees? No. Especially a week of it.

Extreme weather events are signs of climate change. We had yet another Winter without Winter.

I’m trying to figure out whether I should take the Winter tires off my car or wait until after I drive through the mountains in March. Because, it’s not unheard of to have big snows in March. And even with climate change, that will always be a discussion.

So by all means, enjoy the day. I’m going out for a walk now. But remember, it is not a sign of hope. If you don’t like living where there is winter: Central PA is not a great choice.

Peace is a very complicated and multilayered thing.


Touch and Honor Your Grounding in Peace

The world is incredible. Too often we don’t pay enough attention to the Beauty that is gifted to us. And not paying attention we neither honor it or care for it.

It leaves us off-center and it leaves the world vulnerable. No one’s paying attention.

We must stand for the Earth. She is our Mother. And mistreating her is the stupidest kind of self-abuse. Because as she changes, so do our lives. Climate change is real and very dangerous.

And not only that. When we’re not firmly grounded, we think too much, talk too much from a place not our center. Let us touch the Earth, give thanks for all we have and only then move into planning and action.

Down to the Sea and Peace

Oh, this picture and our lovely weather, how could I not want to be swimming?

If climate change has the air this warm, who knows what temperature the gulf stream waters are…

But the ocean is eternal. Beautiful even in the rain and the fog and the snow.

She is the source of life… and the things we throw in her… we must do better…

What does that mean? I don’t know… But maybe we start by visiting enough to fall in love.

We breathe in the Peace of the Ocean Air… and come back refreshed, renewed and ready to go to work for the Earth and our Great Waters.


Puddle Dancing for Peace

Here on the East Coast today, we are perhaps needing to roll a snow man or sled down a hill rather than to dance in a puddle… but the message is the same. This is the beauty we have. Dance in it. Enjoy it.

It’s not an inconvenience. It’s what is.

We prepare for what’s ahead, if we can… and deal with what arrives. Wishing it were different takes an awful lot of time — wastes an awful lot of time. And when it comes to weather, we can’t really make it much different — well, we can stop doing things, and demand that corporations stop doing things that contribute to climate change.

But when the weather is here, might as well dance. Rain or shine, we might as well dance for Peace. Every day.



Engaging in, Being Engaged By Advent Peace

Today’s Advent Word – Day 7 is engaging. It’s all the same use, really, but it always seems if I say I find something engaging, I am amused and charmed. Something is whimsical. But when I say I am engaged in a behavior we hope it’s powerful and purposeful and rewarding.

So I am absolutely delighted by Virginia Zimmerman’s new YA book: The Rosemary Spell. I find it wonderfully engaging. Sadly, I’m not engaged in reading it, because my work is pushing. So, I am stopped at page 67… what happens next? But hurry up, says her daughter, and go write a 5-star review! I told her I was finishing it before I wrote the review. I love her canniness!

But I am engaged in what I hope is Peace work. There’s nothing I believe in more fiercely. There is no work, I believe, that is more important. I have the areas I work in. You have yours. But it’s all Peace. Peace with the Earth, Peace on the Earth. (Do I believe there is Peace without working on climate change, no I do not. And I am grateful to those who take the lead on this in this valley.)

Engage in Peace during this season of Advent, and make it a life long love affair. Peace be with us and may we be with Peace.

Alternative Advent for December 7 is 3¢ for every pair of shoes, etc., in your house. Wow. Hair care and shoes close together? That’s a lot.




Pools of Memories and Loss. Peace

Memories are such odd things. As I was remembering Harbin I took two memories and made it one. (At least I checked before I wrote about it!)

But my inability to remember everything exactly (dates, schmates!) aside, Harbin was a marvelous place.

The waters are extraordinary. I’m sure someone will make a place again… but so sad.

But here’s the reality of climate change. What are we going to do? Because those fires are going to continue. They’re having problems up the coast. They’re having problems in Alaska (and probably in Canada too, but our news doesn’t talk about that!) It’s a frightening reality.

We can make Peace with the loss of our past and the beautiful surrounds There’s no making Peace with climate change without a decision to participate in making a difference.



Porches of Peace

I’ve written about screen porches, and I’m just as delighted by deep shady porches where you and your book can linger out of the sunlight — even if you have to keep on the move! (they’re particularly nice in regions where there are no mosquitoes.)

This one is covered in wisteria and the sun just wiggles its way through the leaves to cast beautiful moving patterns on the ground. It’s owned by my friends Julie and Bill and is located out in the wine country. It’s beautiful with deep comfortable chairs and a table to gather around.

It was fun at the same time to be reading a book by a friend… on Holy Identity. Life. It’s rich…

And at the same time it was all lovely breezes for me, I’m in the middle of a sere and worn landscape. Climate change: we must do something. And the whole region is planted in one crop… wine. what will happen when the soil fails. What will happen when we keep failing our Mother the Earth?

Peace. It must be of our making, whether it’s the creation of sweet porches or the hard work to curb human excess… Peace — in our hearts and then our hands.