Engaging in, Being Engaged By Advent Peace

Today’s Advent Word – Day 7 is engaging. It’s all the same use, really, but it always seems if I say I find something engaging, I am amused and charmed. Something is whimsical. But when I say I am engaged in a behavior we hope it’s powerful and purposeful and rewarding.

So I am absolutely delighted by Virginia Zimmerman’s new YA book: The Rosemary Spell. I find it wonderfully engaging. Sadly, I’m not engaged in reading it, because my work is pushing. So, I am stopped at page 67… what happens next? But hurry up, says her daughter, and go write a 5-star review! I told her I was finishing it before I wrote the review. I love her canniness!

But I am engaged in what I hope is Peace work. There’s nothing I believe in more fiercely. There is no work, I believe, that is more important. I have the areas I work in. You have yours. But it’s all Peace. Peace with the Earth, Peace on the Earth. (Do I believe there is Peace without working on climate change, no I do not. And I am grateful to those who take the lead on this in this valley.)

Engage in Peace during this season of Advent, and make it a life long love affair. Peace be with us and may we be with Peace.

Alternative Advent for December 7 is 3ยข for every pair of shoes, etc., in your house. Wow. Hair care and shoes close together? That’s a lot.




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