Embracing Advent Peace

After hearing the the vile hatred spewn last night, celebrating open arms becomes even more important that even the day before.

We cannot allow fear and hatred to run our lives. We cannot allow it to run our country or our world.

It’s easy, because it’s so deliciously seductive. But it’s wrong.

We must make the invitation to Love easy, the invitation to Peace. We cannot spend our time (waste our time) pointing out what a ridiculous people the haters are. That’s a waste of time and keeps the focus on them.

They may not have that. We must be the ones who claim the attention with our open hands and open hearts.

We can be/become the ones that others desire to emulate – for the kindness we offer.

So we have to get busy.

Peace… we need to scream its possibilities. We need to embrace them — and one another, in all our glorious differences.

Embracing. Let’s.

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