Down to the Sea and Peace

Oh, this picture and our lovely weather, how could I not want to be swimming?

If climate change has the air this warm, who knows what temperature the gulf stream waters are…

But the ocean is eternal. Beautiful even in the rain and the fog and the snow.

She is the source of life… and the things we throw in her… we must do better…

What does that mean? I don’t know… But maybe we start by visiting enough to fall in love.

We breathe in the Peace of the Ocean Air… and come back refreshed, renewed and ready to go to work for the Earth and our Great Waters.


Hurricanes Unsettle Economic Peace As Well

I confess when i see the horrible grandeur of a hurricane (I walked through Agnes, but have only seen them at the shore on TV.)

The wind and waves smash houses and interrupt water, sewage, and electricity. They ruin treasured memories such as photos and heirlooms.

Until this weekend, however, I hadn’t really focused on how they disrupt the social structure. It used to be that water towns were good places to live on the margins. There was always summer work and during the winters you got by. You inherited your parents’ (and their parents’) houses and made a go of it. Or there was cheap rent.

But come the hurricane and all its damage, and all that washes away. Next thing you know, you’re selling your land and that’s all that’s left… and developers and other rich people are buying it and putting up condos and mansions where your cozy cottage used to nestle.

And then they begin to worry about who comes on the beach. And daily beach passes go up. And suddenly you can’t even get on the beach where you used to have a slice of heaven. I spent 3 hours playing in the waves the other day…. oh, it is heaven indeed for a water baby.

The ocean is magnificent and healing. It is strong and awesome in its power. We should all be able to wander down to the sea to renew and refresh our spirits.

Oh, there are so many ways to think about how Peace must be made. And then, Peace must be made. And Scott, such a lovely picture, thanks!