Twirling for Peace

The dancing I’ve looked at in the last couple posts has been about the way the music calls you into itself.

Twirling is more deliberate than that. I spent some time investigating, we can’t say researching, twirling and what it does.

Twirling is meditation. And the skirts have not only purpose, but have meaning. Consider this that I found this piece on the Sufi’s spinning garments from Tech Times: “the performance brings the dancer’s skirt into a hypnotic flow while the performer reaches a state of trance. After examining the twirling skirts, scientists have established that it can be correlated with the weather patterns on earth.

The patterns seen by tourists during the dance ritual can be traces its roots 700 years to ancient Persia, are acting because of the same Coriolus features that help create strong hurricanes.”

I don’t know what this means, but it’s fascinating.

So think about that the next time you see a little girl twirling. We might want to be twirling ourselves!

Twirling for Peace, that is, in our hurricane skirts.

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