Dancing for Peace (and Sanity)

Dancing’s a wonderful thing. It gives you joy. It expresses sorrow. It helps you hang on sometimes when the hanging isn’t easy.

And yet, we don’t dance enough. Not in public. Not even in the privacy of our own homes. Not with our friends. Not with strangers, Not with all sorts of folk.

One of the things I love about my husband’s Monday night gig, is that all sorts of people come. Lots of people with whom I have lots in common and lots with whom I have nothing in common. And we dance. And we laugh and we hug and we go home and we can’t say we don’t care about the people who care about life differently than we do.

And now, probably always, but now, there is reason to dance, because life is hard. But dancing can give us some hope.

And that’s grand. And that’s dancing. and that can lead to Peace.

Dancing, yeah.