And Dance by the Light of the Moon. Peace!

Every day is what it is. And that’s grand.  And yet, and yet. Some days are better than others.

These warm days with chilly nights are just delightful. It’s warm, but not too warm. Cool, but not too cool.

If there were ever to be a night or two to dance under the moon, these would be they!

Humans do well in this weather.

And the Moon is beautiful. It’s closer than it often is and that makes it appear larger on the horizon. And soon, and soon, we’re going to have an eclipse of this big and beautiful Super Moon.

Not only is it rare, there’s not to be another until 2030, I’ll be 78!

It’s also perfectly lovely weather to wrap up and go out to watch the eclipse. And there are no bugs because they don’t like the cool weather.

It doesn’t get much better than this folks, not for Lunar Beauty.

And the Peace of this Moon shines on me and shines on you and shines on everyone all over the world. May we sing songs of Peace and send them out across the planet. Peace be with us. Peace be with us all.


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