The Peace of the Red Moon

If this isn’t true, don’t tell me. Because it’s too wonderful! It makes me so happy.

To imagine the Moon catching all the sunsets and sunrises of the Earth and reflecting it back.

To imagine it capturing all that Beauty and casting it back to inspire us.

We, like the Moon, can reflect. We have a little more choice than the Moon. But hey. Let’s reflect Peace. Today. Tomorrow. Every day.

Because Peace is what the world needs. And we’re here able to do the work.

And you have a choice. There are (actually!!!) people walking around saying the Red Moon is a sign of the end times. Really, is that what you think? Well you go right ahead. I’m now seeing sunrises and sunsets. Thank you, scientist!

Peace. What if there were a Peace Eclipse. What if we allowed the world to see what it might look like if we were People at Peace? (and I guess I have tomorrow’s musing, don’t I?



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