Bright and Bold Summer Peace!

Summer is filled with color. Gardens explode with it. Tables are laden with it. Our clothing is often more vibrant. Skies are blue, grass is green, bodies of water are glistening. And we wear sunglasses so the Sun doesn’t hurt our eyes with its strong rays.

Every season brings something different, something special to Peace. Summer stands for outward manifestations. Have a party, throw a protest. Go OUT and change the world. Pay attention to what Summer is saying.

The color shows us the way to make Peace in the Summer!

Closets Full of Fun and Peace

Closets have always been a playground for me. My mother was an artist with color with paints and she was an artist with color with clothes. I was a lucky girl. In addition to color, she made me skirts that twirl, an enjoyable part of being a girl — or at least I thought so.

The cut of my clothes and I had a bit of an adversarial relationship when my body changed. Menopause. Cancer and Hysterectomy. Aging. It took me a while to find my sea legs and flattering styles. I’ve always been an edgy dresser. It was easy as a skinny woman. What did that look like on a round woman? slowly, slowly… and luckily the clothes have changed. More women were asking that question!

Color and I had some disagreements because for years I felt I was always grieving.

There were times when both of those dissatisfactions overlapped. My closet wasn’t as fun — but I always loved great cloth! I got that from both Sam and Betty. Sam was a textile chemist.

But, I’ve once again come to terms with my body. This is who I am. I’m now swimming, so who I am is stronger. I like that.  And I’m having fun with clothes again. Culling a bunch. Slowly adding some quality. And settling in for the ride (in my fun turquoise capris and white cowl neck sweater!)

Off to write. Glad I found the closet Peace again. Hope you do too! Have fun with your clothes… most of the time you have to wear them. Here’s a hint… Tell people when they look good… It’s a lovely, silly, easy way to offer people the Peace of the day.