Closets Full of Fun and Peace

Closets have always been a playground for me. My mother was an artist with color with paints and she was an artist with color with clothes. I was a lucky girl. In addition to color, she made me skirts that twirl, an enjoyable part of being a girl — or at least I thought so.

The cut of my clothes and I had a bit of an adversarial relationship when my body changed. Menopause. Cancer and Hysterectomy. Aging. It took me a while to find my sea legs and flattering styles. I’ve always been an edgy dresser. It was easy as a skinny woman. What did that look like on a round woman? slowly, slowly… and luckily the clothes have changed. More women were asking that question!

Color and I had some disagreements because for years I felt I was always grieving.

There were times when both of those dissatisfactions overlapped. My closet wasn’t as fun — but I always loved great cloth! I got that from both Sam and Betty. Sam was a textile chemist.

But, I’ve once again come to terms with my body. This is who I am. I’m now swimming, so who I am is stronger. I like that.  And I’m having fun with clothes again. Culling a bunch. Slowly adding some quality. And settling in for the ride (in my fun turquoise capris and white cowl neck sweater!)

Off to write. Glad I found the closet Peace again. Hope you do too! Have fun with your clothes… most of the time you have to wear them. Here’s a hint… Tell people when they look good… It’s a lovely, silly, easy way to offer people the Peace of the day.



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