Fog and Peace

Fog is an interesting and sneaky things. It has so many ways of arriving.

Here it arrived by stealth, sneaking in to wrap its arms around Picasso as its referred to.

It’s beautiful, it’s gentle. It can be dangerous — hiding things from view. But as my friend Alexandria used to say: When it’s so foggy on the path you can’t see what’s going on, sit down; cover up; wait for the fog to pass.

Its gentleness can invoke Peace. But the fact that it obscures means that sometimes, we all need to sit down; cover up; and wait for the fog to pass. And maybe, while we’re waiting, to share the snacks in our packs. Cup of tea, anyone?

The Quiet Fall Fogs of Peace

When the land and the water are still warm and the nights begin to get cooler, mornings are often drenched in fog.

Fog is such a quiet, beautiful gift. It muffles the world and reminds us of the importance of Silence.

Also in a deep fog, it’s a good idea not to blunder around aimlessly. It’s hard to know where you’re going. So sit still and wait for the fog to pass.

Enjoy the Silence. Enjoy the Beauty. Enjoy the Peace. Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Solitary Sabbath Peace

Ah, the duck and the Beauty she’s sailing into. Captivating!

We don’t head toward Beauty often enough, I fear — not in the world and not in ourselves. Even when things are in a terrible mess, our job is to head toward Beauty, to head toward Peace. This photo suggests what many of us lose sight of. Dawn offers opportunities for Beauty — and for departure — that the procrastinators among us often miss.

Whether we leave for a day at work, or a walk in the woods, or for our life’s big journey, why not leave in Beauty on the way toward Peace? Why not give ourselves a full day of the road ahead?

Here where I am, it’s a misty, mysterious morning. There is time for quiet and tea before I join my community for work. ahhhh. I’ll take that blessing and then I’ll drive along the foggy river and hope to catch the fog dancers at their spring training — and perhaps a few of this duck’s noisy friends. Have a day filled with Peace, foggy or otherwise. Find the Beauty and move toward it. Find the Peace.