Solitary Sabbath Peace

Ah, the duck and the Beauty she’s sailing into. Captivating!

We don’t head toward Beauty often enough, I fear — not in the world and not in ourselves. Even when things are in a terrible mess, our job is to head toward Beauty, to head toward Peace. This photo suggests what many of us lose sight of. Dawn offers opportunities for Beauty — and for departure — that the procrastinators among us often miss.

Whether we leave for a day at work, or a walk in the woods, or for our life’s big journey, why not leave in Beauty on the way toward Peace? Why not give ourselves a full day of the road ahead?

Here where I am, it’s a misty, mysterious morning. There is time for quiet and tea before I join my community for work. ahhhh. I’ll take that blessing and then I’ll drive along the foggy river and hope to catch the fog dancers at their spring training — and perhaps a few of this duck’s noisy friends. Have a day filled with Peace, foggy or otherwise. Find the Beauty and move toward it. Find the Peace.


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