Reflecting (on) What is True, Reflecting Peace

The news has broken about the health care bill. It’s awful. So many people will be wounded by this.

Will becoming angry help? And right now, after this illness, I don’t have the energy for anger.

We must reflect what is true, what we have known. They don’t care.

And we must find a way to Peace. The world needs us.

But you know what? I think I’m also going to cry.


Don’t Rush Reflective Peace

Winter, as a season, has many purposes, but rest and reflection are among them.

I’m never done with sleeping in, but it seems that we can all do with as much reflection as we can cram in. Lots of breathing in and out. There’s so much we need to calm down about … and there’s gong to be so much more.

Why calm down? Because it’s a long journey. and we have to act with purpose and not in reaction.

So I’m staying with Winter, and carefully considering what seeds I can plant and actually nurture in the time ahead. I can’t do everything, neither can you. Let’s focus on doing what we can and sowing the seeds of Peace we can nurture.

Staying with Winter, giving Peace a chance.