Don’t Rush Reflective Peace

Winter, as a season, has many purposes, but rest and reflection are among them.

I’m never done with sleeping in, but it seems that we can all do with as much reflection as we can cram in. Lots of breathing in and out. There’s so much we need to calm down about … and there’s gong to be so much more.

Why calm down? Because it’s a long journey. and we have to act with purpose and not in reaction.

So I’m staying with Winter, and carefully considering what seeds I can plant and actually nurture in the time ahead. I can’t do everything, neither can you. Let’s focus on doing what we can and sowing the seeds of Peace we can nurture.

Staying with Winter, giving Peace a chance.

Gathering Peace for the New Year

The fields lie dormant, doing what they’re good at. They’re a great reminder to rest and soak it in. Review the year that’s past. Rest up for the new. Exhale. Oh, that felt good.

It’s time to live off the fat of the land, trusting that the land will once more grow fat. But that’s a while from now. Now, we just have trust that Spring will come again. But we can’t hurry that. We can simply prepare.

The light is returning, but oh, so slowly. Let us practice Peace, right here and right now. Let us become proficient at it. Because the time is coming when our skills will be tested.

You and I are the fields which will bear fruit in the time ahead. Much does not work toward Peace. But we will not lose heart. Peace, my friends.

Okay, maybe there were a few too many metaphors in this short piece, but none the less, we must both practice Peace and bear its fruit… And rest. It won’t be the first time you’ve had to keep a few things in your mind!


Finishing the Work, Reaping the Peace

We have to find a way to bless the work we do. To accept that we’re here, we’re doing what we can, and to give ourselves a break. To bless this day and the work we have done.

If we can’t justify the rest at the end of the day, we can’t keep up. If we don’t stop and celebrate the small victories and mark the occasions, both those wildly important and those silly and wonderful, we’re wasting our lives.

Having a sense of accomplishment is important. And enjoying the moments of Peace and Beauty that the day offers is also important.

Let us do our work. Let us treasure our time. Work and Peace are very connected. But they’re connected by Rest and Enjoyment.

Let us pay attention. It’s a lovely life we’ve been given. We must enjoy it to it’s fullest even as we struggle to make sure that everyone can find space to enjoy…

Peace, my friends. At the end of each beautiful day. Peace.